So after all the promise and great build-up from the previous episode, we have another crash and burn. I am beginning to think that perhaps this show is just not meant for my demographic. After the exciting events of last week, this episode pulls back on all the tropes that I feel have been weighing this season down.

Secrets and Naivety

First, Gert finally gets the help she needs by going to the emergency room. She uses Chase’s name and asks his mother to come to sign her and the meds out forcing Chase to have a “heartbreaking conversation” with her. He responds with appropriate frustration and anger, but has trouble finding the empathy that he had been displaying while she was without her medication.

Then there is the case of Nico and Karolina. Karolina continues to have secret meetings with her parents without telling the others. This time it’s with her mother and it’s cringe worthy how quick she is to defend Jonah and attack her mother’s actions until she finds out that Jonah was responsible for Amy’s death. With this information weighing on her she lashes out nearly causing an end to her relationship with Nico.

How am I Supposed to Feel Again?

The parents continue to be presented in ways in which we have to decided whether or not to like them or feel empathy for them. Gert’s parents are hurt with Chase’s mom admits to having met with the kids without telling them and lash out at her.

Jonah attacks Geoffery, Alex’s dad, with the intention of using him as his sacrifice to heal himself. The Runaways having heard that Jonah was looking for a sacrifice during Chase’s conversation with his mom. They use their powers to save Geoffery, bringing Chase face to face with his father in a stasis unit, and having to make another heartbreaking choice to leave him behind.

The parents do of course seem to have a belief that what they did to support Jonah, was a way of protecting their kids and doing some good, but ultimately it feels as though most of what they did was for their own self-interests. They are supposed to be complicated characters, that cause the audience to feel conflicted but often I just feel annoyed.

Side note: I was a little frustrated by the death of Geoffry’s trainer prior to the kidnapping. It felt both unnecessary. It made me think of the idea of the “sacrificial negro” discussed in the excellent documentary Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror.