There is so much to unpack from the last episode that leads into the crazy ending of this season finale. Hiram’s in prison thanks to Veronica who made a boxing match between him and Archie that ended in a raid by the FBI. As you can tell from my tone in the previous episode reviews, I’m highly frustrated with Veronica’s character this season. She went from “It’s all about family” to ‘It’s time to take my daddy down”. She is the most indecisive character I’ve ever watched. I honestly don’t see why Archie continues to pursue her when she doesn’t even know what she wants most of the time, but that’s the least of they’re worries at the moment. Riverdale has two serial killers on the loose and one of those killers are Jason Blossom according to Ethel. I wanted to believe that this was just one of Ethel make me believe conversation, but Jughead dug up Jason’s grave only to find out that his corpse is missing. To top it all off, Betty discovered that the farm harvest organs and sell them to private buyers.  In this episode Review we will find out how all of these things tie in together.

   Poisonous Penelope


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Choni didn’t escape the farm successfully, but Toni got away in time to tell Penelope so that she could rescue Cheryl. Penelope didn’t have any interest in what the farm was doing behind closed doors, but she did make a massive purchase of organs from Edgar Evernever. What she did with those organs kinda scares me. After all, she’s already a master at poisoning people thanks to one of the nuns from the Sisters Of Quiet Mercy. I also thought it was weird that Toni told her to save Cheryl from the farm, but she didn’t.

Instead she invited Betty, Jughead, Archie, and Veronica to a dinner to introduce them to a new quest in G&G. It was then that we found out that Betty’s father is indeed alive and the Gargoyle King isn’t Jason. It’s actually Chik with red hair posing as Jason. I believe that Penelope has done a great job at plotting a devious plan without coming off as a suspect of all the murders. She played her cards well, but she is no match for these group of friends.

She challenge them to survive the night in the woods to prove that they are not evil spawn of the Riverdale residents who weren’t there for her when she needed them the most. If they didn’t make it through the night their parents would have to suffer the heartache that she still feels. The loss of a child. The group of friends did complete her challenge, but she still ordered her army to kill them. The last challenge was the most heartbreaking of them all because Betty had to kill her father for real this time. It’s more sad that he actually had the heart to hold a gun up to Betty. His own daughter. In the end, the Pretty Poisons and the Serpents united to save their family from the gargoyle gang. Unfortunately, Penelope Blossom got away which means their troubles aren’t over just yet.

The Farm’s Ascension

cheryl finds jasons

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I knew that Jason being Alive was too good to be true, but what we were all wondering what happened to his missing corpse? Edgar decided to put a few stitches in him and set him in a chair to make Cheryl believe that he is alive in order for her to be a dedicated follower of the farm. The sight of his corpse was horrific enough for Cheryl to scream to the top of her lungs. What confused me was that she was so upset at Edgar for doing such a thing to her brother, but she brought his corpse back home. It’s disgusting.

alice smith

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A bomb dropped on Betty when she discovered that her mother helped Cheryl escape and gave her the other twin to reunite with her brother. They also discovered that the farm disappeared because their secrets were revealed to the outside world. It turned out that Alice wasn’t as brainwashed as Betty thought she was, but she did do a good job at acting like it. Alice is actually a mole for the FBI. They were trying to build a case against Edgar to arrest him, but needed an insider to gather evidence. Not only is she working for the FBI, but she’s working with Betty’s alleged dead brother who is also Jughead’s half brother Charles. It is uncertain what Charles will make Betty and Jughead do to help with the investigation, but I’m looking forward to finding out.

Rating: 5/5

This season finale is the best out of all of them thus far. I loved how all of the murder mysteries were finally tied in together by Penelope. I didn’t suspect her to be behind the G&G chaos or the black hood murder tragedies. I actually suspected that Hiram was working with the black hood to pull all of this off, but he did make it clear that he does still hold power behind bars because he got Hermione arrested. I’m looking forward to seeing what else is going to happen to the Lodge family in season 4. I’m also excited to watch season 4 because of the cliff hanger at the end of this episode. Betty, Veronica, and Archie were all in their undies covered in blood burning their clothes. Betty insisted that after they graduate that they should all go their separate ways and never speak of it again. It scared me that Archie threw Jughead’s beanie in the fire with out his presence. I swear if Jughead dies, I don’t know if I could continue watching the series. Cole Sprouse is my childhood crush so don’t you dare kill him off CW! I Enjoyed the season finale, tell me what you think in the comments and what are you looking forward to seeing in season 4.



  • Who are Hiram’s connects in prison?
  • What will happen to Veronica now that both of her parents are out of the picture?
  • Why did the farm leave behind their clothing?
  • What is Alice going to do with the farm?
  • How is Betty and Jughead going to help Charles?
  • Who is going to look after the twins?
  • Did principal Whetherbee ascend with the farm?
  • Will Archie and Veronica get back together?
  • Will the cops find Penelope?
  • Will Cheryl keep Jason’s corpse or put it back in the grave?
  • Is Jughead going to die?