LoL Betting: Starting Guide

During recent years LoL betting attracts attention of betters and booking companies more and more frequently. This is not surprising: te\ns of thousands of professional gamers from all over the world compete with each other in virtual battles, and prize pools of big international tournaments reach tens of millions of dollars. League of Legends is one of the most popular and perspective esports disciplines of last years.

League of Legends: the Game and Championships

League of Legends belongs to the category of the most popular multiplayer videogames of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre. Two teams with five players in each participate in the match. Each player picks a champion who actually fights on the virtual battleground. There are no two similar characters in the game. Every champion has unique abilities, features and possibilities to use them. This allows developing many different tactics to win the game. 

The goal of the match: to destroy the enemy team base. Intermediate goals: to take map objectives and kill enemy champions. 

It’s an interesting fact: during almost 10 years League of Legends exists, more than 100 million users registered as its players, and more than 60% of them appear online regularly. 

Several hundreds of big and small LoL tournaments take place every year. The greatest events are: Season World Championship, OnGameNet TheChampions, and WGC. The standard prize pool size starts with $200 000 and may reach several million dollars on international competitions. 

Real Money LoL Betting

As the esports developed, booking companies paid enough attention to League of Legends, too. At the very beginning, they accepted LoL betting only on main events. The possibility to earn money while just watching the game of the best became the greatest reward for esports fans. 

Today, tens of companies work with LoL betting, both classical and those specialized exclusively on esports. Any company provides clients with the possibility to bet on the following event list: 

  1. Betting on LoL championship winner. 
  2. Betting on prize winners: some teams lack only some points to become undisputed winners, but they receive encouraging prizes. 
  3. Betting on LoL MVP: you may bet on the most valuable player of the match or the whole championship. 
  4. Betting on LoL round results. There can be different results in League of Legends tournament rounds. Teams can train according to similar standards, play on equal levels, etc. but the match can have only one winner. 

Online LoL Betting Features

Some companies offer online LoL betting. You can watch the game directly through the game client or keep an eye on the process through text, TV or streaming broadcast. You can see which team is more prepared for the game, you can evaluate separate players, their skills and equipment. So, the possibility of LoL betting online deserves its popularity. 

Still, there are some difficulties in case of esports. First, an emergency situation with the server or the player’s PC is possible to happen at any moment. There is certain reserve time organizers predict to devote to such cases, but teams are not rare to finish the game in minority and not as it could do in different, normal circumstances. Second, the in-game situation can change rapidly in esports, and if you fail to make the bet in time, you lose. 

Where to Make LoL Betting?

Esports and LoL betting can be made in trusted booking companies present on the market for years. When choosing the suitable company, you can check the list of best companies, make sure if they have booking licenses in your country, look through comments of workers and players directly on their website. 

You’ll need to register in the company’s system to make bets. To participate in betting events you must be 18 or older. To confirm your age, you’ll have to fill the required data lines in your profile. 

Then, you need to put funds on your account balance. Gaming currency is defined during the registration process in most cases, and your ways to donate and withdraw money are indicated at that time, too. After that, you can look for a suitable event and match, and bet on its winner. 

Before receiving your win, you’ll need to verify your person and to send your ID scan to the company. This demand works not only for esports betting, but for usual sports, too. 

Before you start making real money bets, you should watch after teams a bit, learn their strategy, tactics, and preparation, find out how to understand lesser in-game details, etc. Rely not only on your luck, but to evaluate your bets through experience. 


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