Source: Xmen Apocolypse 20th Century Fox

How does Bryan Singer’s fourth film of the Xmen series hold up? Bryan Singer gives us a solid ending to the “First Class” trilogy. The film lives up to the name by giving us an epic scale of destruction and a very apocalyptic tone. It takes you from the nostalgic 80s to end of times with a combination of a colorful cast and dark gritty villain. The film also gives both the feel of the 90s cartoon and the comics. This felt very much like a comic book film which was something missing fro Singer’s earlier work in the series.

The writing and characters are  great with the exception of Apocalypse at times. Some of his lines and body movements came across campy and a bit over the top. But Fassbender saves the film by stealing every scene hes in. I really feel this film is in many ways a “magneto film’. The film may not be as great as First class or Days of Future Past but its still a solid Xmen film filled with great moments that easily outweighs the bad moments. (Most of them being Jennifer Lawrence), The film also sets up a few things to get you quite exited for future installments. I definitely think it is a good service to the fans by re-doing The Dark Phoenix Saga and possibly introducing another classic X-Men villains: Mr Sinister. Overall this film is enjoyable and any comic book fan will most likely enjoy it Is it the best of the trilogy? No but that doesnt mean its a bad film.I also felt the surprise appearance of Wolverine worked so well. His cameo redeemed the Origins film and served as a great nod to hardcore comic fans. If this is to be Wolverines final appearance with the X-men then they have given him a very deserved send off.