Sci-fi comedies are, by far, the most viewed genre in my household. Back to the Future, Land of the Lost, and Sharnknado are just a few that I could watch over and over. Then there is the Hulu original Future Man. I gave a light overview of season one, but there was something different about season two. Almost like the series shifted from adolescence to adulthood, if a TV show can grow up, I’d say this show did.

Season one of Future Man relied heavily on crude jokes and the connection between the cast. I felt that everyone enjoyed working together, and the chemistry was undeniable. However, season two threw most of that out the window. Sure, we still get the dirty jokes now and again, but during the first portion of the series, our beloved heroes aren’t together. It turns out, they didn’t save the world but slightly changed it. The world as they know it is basically Wolf and Tiger’s apocalyptic timeline with some small changes.

I don’t want to push spoilers on anyone, but I do want to emphasize the fact that season two of Future Man is far more mature and entertaining than the original. I felt that I was watching part two of a movie rather than a television program. Tiger and Wolf go through their own transformations separately, and it’s interesting to see the character development. Especially considering these two haven’t been apart since their mission began. Josh even goes from a nerdy slacker to a more rugged nerdy badass. It’s a beautiful sight to behold. 

Overall, season two of Future Man is my favorite yet; I feel like the writers sucked me in with the ridiculousness of season one just to pull on my heartstrings and watch me tear up during season two. If you were unsure about how you felt about the first season, I highly recommend giving it another chance. In the end, season two of Future Man is the best installment of the series yet.