This episode opens us with a brick being thrown through the window of Greek Street and they set off to find Nancy or someone to help. Charlotte has just spent the night with Blyne. Charlotte begins to wonder what the deal is with the brother and sister pair. Lucy wakes up to find Lord Fallon at the bed and he begins to give his household their duties and how they are to treat her. Somehow Lucy doesn’t seem to appreciate this. But hey she asked for it so I fail to understand what the problem is.

Harriet and Emily are searching for girls at the tavern. And of course annoying Harriet can’t stand a bit of competition but Emily won’t hear of it and ends up recruiting Nell for her house. Now Emily and Charles have 3 girls. Maggie tries to get Will to come home to protect her and the girls. But soon meets up with Nancy, who seems to be back on her feet.

Quigley and Charlotte on the path to trying to get Golden Square back up and running and taking away Hunt’s job. Charlotte runs into her mother and advises her to be very careful when it comes to Quigley. Lady Fitz finds out that Charlotte broke her promise but it seems to me like he’s trying to goad her or take everything that she finds interest in. Is that bond now broken, thanks to Blyne? Quigley is on the warpath against not only Maggie but Emily as well. But she is back at Golden Square, although not to do business. Upon entering the house she finds Lady Fitz there and she wants to speak with Charlotte. We learn a little more about Blyne. Lizzy is upset that her promise was broken and Charlotte explains. Instead Lizzy asks her how can she help her to take down Quigley and she invites them all to her brother’s card party.

Lucy heads out with Lord Fallon and Blyne on her trail. Her mother shows up as well. Blyne, who doesn’t seem to like the relationship between Lord Fallon and Lucy. Sets up Lord Fallon to see how he reacts when another man tries to get her. Of course he gets upset. But while there Fanny notices the same buttons on Lord Liddington’s coat and the report it to justice Hunt. The incident brings Lord Fallon and Lucy a little closer. She thinks she in control but we can see that he is the one who is in control. He is denying her what she wants and she begins to be under his control.

Charlotte is letting too many people onto her schemes. She tells Emily that she saw Nell at her house and Nell tells them that Lydia wanted her to kill Charles. But Nell refused. Emily is quite shaken and Charlotte tells her to be careful. Back at the house Emily confides in Harriet but doesn’t know Cherry overhears her saying that she is going to send Quigley to the gallows. And the days of whoring go on. Harriet is basically told she is a horrible whore and Lucy tells Lord Fallon that she is not his wife but his whore. Maggie pays a visit to warn Lucy but she is basically thrown out of the house. Lucy tells her to leave her alone.

So much going on but let’s not forget the card game. Lydia basically sacrifices Charlotte to Lord Blyne and Lady Fitz is not to happy about that. So Lydia and her girls are mingling with the upper crust. Lydia befriends the Lord Chief Justice. We also learn that the secret Lydia has is that Lady Fitz has a child that she keeps hidden away. Lord Harcort wants to be Charlotte’s keeper but Lady Fitz is against it while Lydia looks on. Lord Chief Justice wants Lydia and the head over to Golden Square to seal the deal.

The show ends with Amelia and Emily finally confiding in the justice about what Quigley. They set  up to take her down and he advises them that they will have to testify against her. Emily does not look too happy about that but she agrees anyways. Meanwhile, everyone is doing great. Lord Fallon and Lucy seem to get closer. Maggie has the witnesses she needs to arrest Lydia and Charlotte although a little beat up from her encounter with Harcort seems to have everyone where she wants them. Until Hunt goes to arrest her. Unbeknownst to him, Lydia is having relations with the Lord Chief Justice, and he puts a stop to it. And threatens his job. So, for now good ole Quigley is untouchable. But in a new twist Cherry has ratted everyone out to Quigley and is not a spy for her reporting on Emily and Charles. It seem Emily may have some competition for his affections. Cherry is trying to elevate her position. And now Lydia knows….

So, no more Mrs May and that ends the information on her. Curious. Lydia is allowed to operate once more. Cherry is in her employ. Charlotte and Lizzy have also teamed up together. Will has moved home. And Maggie and Nancy are trying to figure out another way to trap Quigley. Until next week.