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We finally have the answer we’ve been looking for! After two weeks of not knowing where Gretchen goes at night with her burner phone, the writers let us in on the secret, thanks to some snooping by Jimmy, who’s been watching far too many crime procedurals on television.

Jimmy spends the majority of the episode suspicious that Gretchen is leaving in the middle of the night because she is cheating on him. This idea comes from Lindsay, who, when asked why Gretchen is sneaking around, suggests that Gretchen has a side piece. I personally wouldn’t take advice from Lindsay at this point in her life, but for whatever reason, Jimmy takes her suggestion to heart. Soon he is stealing Gretchen’s burner phone to mine it for clues and accusing Sam of being Gretchen’s side piece. At the end of the episode, Gretchen once again sneaks away. But this time, Jimmy takes what he’s learned from watching episodes of NCIS LA and follows her… to a secret location where she goes to cry in her car. She’s not cheating, she’s not doing anything illicit, she just needs a good cry, alone in her car at night. And as for the burner phone? She likes to play the game Snake while she gets her cry on. I’m relieved that Gretchen isn’t cheating on Jimmy, or worse. And I actually understand that sometimes you just have to cry. But every night? With no explanation to her significant other? Will Jimmy and Gretchen get to a place where they’re willing to be emotional in front of one another?

Elsewhere, Lindsay continues to be a hot mess. With no job and no husband she’s literally living without water, power or a car. She tries to walk home after lunch with Jimmy, but ends up stealing a bike, then heading to her sister’s house to crash. Once there, she breaks into Vernon’s safe and steals prescription drugs. There seems to be no end in sight for Lindsay’s spiral.

Edgar is the only uplifting part of this episode, as he successfully asks his improv teacher, Dorothy, on a date. There’s a spark there. And when Dorothy’s improv group breaks up, Dorothy asks Edgar to hang out with her “a lot”. I love this development. While I realize that the Edgar/Lindsay story is nowhere near over, Lindsay is in no place to do anything but use Edgar, as she continues to spiral out of control. And given the chance, Edgar might let her do it. Dorothy seems to be just what Edgar needs at this point, if for nothing more than to keep him out of the path of Lindsay’s wrecking ball.

Favorite one-liners:

Sam released Shitstain’s chinchilla into Griffith Park. This feud’s out of control. – Gretchen

May I use the remaining time to talk about my parents’ divorce. – Honey Nutz

I’m like Reese Witherspoon in that commercial for backpacks. – Lindsay

Bitch eats floor candy! – Sam


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