With school back in full swing for most of the world, it’s hard to find time for the small things in life. Obviously, grades are important however, the psychology major in me urges one and all to engage in self-care. Mental health is one of the most important aspects of our lives and if you’re anything like me, video games help take your mind off things for a while. Let me whisk you away into the Fields of Mistria where Rune Factory and Harvest Moon collide.

Fields of Mistria 0-2 screenshot

Source: Screenshot of Fields of Mistria Trailer

Fields of Mistria is a 2D farming/life simulator RPG that follows one individual’s journey to the village of Mistria. They begin their new life on a plot of land nestled in between a vast forest and the breathtaking sea. However, this generous plot of land doesn’t come for free. The price? One daring adventurer must help rebuild and defend the town after a disastrous earthquake shattered the land. Along with the destruction of Mistria came the unlocking of ancient ruins filled with monsters and devious secrets. Are you ready to begin a new life filled with farming, fighting, and friendships?

Fields of Mistria 0-14 screenshot

Source: Screenshot of Fields of Mistria Trailer

Along with the essentials of any farming simulator (farming, fishing, mining, and crafting) Fields of Mistria has a plethora of interesting additives not seen anywhere else. It boasts dozens of character customization options and the ability to uncover 30+ villager’s backstories. This includes the story lines of 10 available bachelors and bachelorettes. One is also not confined to dating individuals outside of their gender. When you find your ideal match, you can get married and start a family of your own. Plus, there is the option of whoopin’ monster booty, finding treasure, and discovering secrets about the village of Mistria.

Fields of Mistria 0-17 screenshot

Source: Screenshot of Fields of Mistria Trailer

After observing the painfully short trailer for Fields of Mistria, one thing is certain. I’m ready for this game to be released on PC. Unfortunately, the game is still a work in progress and developers aren’t entirely sure when it will be completed or if any other platforms will be utilized. From the clip of Fields of Mistria, I can note that the graphics are cute and even the clouds move around. Aside from this, all I can say is I look forward to seeing what the team has to offer our beloved genre. Based on the concept art and available information, I think it’s safe to say Fields of Mistria will be a unique and overall interesting take on farming simulator RPGs. In the end, I’ll be sure to give everyone a heads up when the release date is finalized and hope you find pleasure with this new title.