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We at The Game Of Nerds are so excited to start covering Crazy Ex-Girlfriend this year, it’s such a great and unique show & I can’t wait to fangirl with you guys every week! Last weeks midseason premiere started out with Rebecca at the movies, crying into her popcorn, which is incidentally a foreshadow for what I looked like during the last fifteen minutes. She stared out Josh, Valencia, Greg & the rest of them for long enough that they spotted her (oh honey 🙈). Valencia invites Rebecca to their beach trip, saying that “women gotta stick together” and singing a female empowerment anthem that takes a turn into passive aggressive mean girl territory (🎶 the truth is you’re all fat sluts, and that’s called sisterhood 🎶).

Paula is skeptical of Valencia’s intentions and gives Rebecca some tough love, telling her she’s done talking about “Josh” stuff until she admits she’s in love with him.

In true Rebecca fashion, she gets the biggest possible party bus for their trip to the beach in order to impress them and bond, but she ends up feeling even more left out when Valencia is all over Josh, Greg is focused on Heather and Darryl, who shows up unannounced, is fawning over White Josh. Rebecca then does what anyone would do, a routine from the feminist pole dancing class she took in New York that leaves veryyyyy little to the imagination.

At this point, Valencia can’t take it anymore, feeling like Josh thinks everything Rebecca does is cute & not “crazy” like she thinks it is. They confront her about why she moved to West Covina at all and she repeats her now perfected story to them. Except this time, Darryl is there to tear apart her lie, saying that she called him for a job and not the other way around.

Becks hides out in the bathroom and calls Paula to come get her but Paula still wants that admission of love that Rebecca refuses to give. She finally comes out and comes clean about being unhappy in New York and coming to West Covina because Josh seemed so happy and she wanted to be where the happiness was (this is where I started crying and hugging my tv but this isn’t about me). Josh was super nice about it and they did a reprise of the song West Covina that we first heard in the beginning of the season.

When they finally get to the beach and get off the bus, Paula is waiting for Rebecca because she’s magical and knew she’d need her. Rebecca is so touched that Josh was understanding and even opened up to her that she finally admits to being in love with him and hugs it out with Paula. Finally the sweetest scene in all of TV happens as they walk away

“Paula: don’t you ever lie to me again
Rebecca: okay momma

Show creator & star, Rachel Bloom tweeted out the tweet below & I for one am super excited for what is coming next!


Source: Rachel Bloom Twitter