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It’s the night of the first school dance but Anna and Maya are in bad terms. They’ll have to navigate this unfamiliar terrain set to billboard hits, by themselves.


We have finally come to the last episode of the season, and it somewhat got wrapped up in a nice package with a bow on top. Anna’s parents divorce, is still looming over her head, but her friendship with Maya is still rocky too. Maya gets jealous that Anna is talking to Heather now, and we find out that the reason why Anna called Heather in the first place, was that she was one of the other people she knew at school, that had divorced parents. Makes sense, but it was kind of weird that her and Heather started hanging out all of a sudden. While Maya is sulking, she talks with Sam and his friends, and for split second, it seemed like Sam wanted to hang out with Maya at the dance. Sadly, his girlfriend popped up, and ruined the moment. Also, we see how Maya is handling having her period, and it’s not going very well. Totally can relate to this, because having your period sucks in the first place, but that first time, is terrifying. It’s a brand new thing to get used to and it confused me that Maya wanted to keep the secret to herself, and not even confide in her mom. She’s been going around stuffing toilet paper in her underwear, and she hasn’t even bought any pads or tampons yet. At my school, during health class, our teacher gave the girls a little starter kit of pads, and I can’t believe Maya didn’t even have that to help her out. She did get caught by the janitor, and being the kind person that she is, the janitor gave Maya a tampon just in case. What we saw next, made me laugh. Maya was inspecting the tampon at home, and that’s definitely something that happens in real life, because when you’re discovering period products for the first time, it’s all foreign and it’s like learning how to ride a bicycle. And talking about foreign objects, Anna comes over with her mom, and her and Maya learn about shaving their legs. This was a little absurd to me, because Anna and Maya were both sitting in the tub, with bathing suits on, and both their moms were there to witness them shaving their legs for the first time. They go over to Sam’s for pictures, and then they arrive at the dance. This made me happy, because going to dances was a little bit of freedom from my everyday life back then, and everyone got to let go and have a good time. I also love dancing, so I was all about going to the front and getting down. The only thing is that Maya and Anna are still in a fight, so things don’t start off very well. Anna goes and dances with Heather’s group and Maya goes off to hang out with Sam’s friends. Also, news flash, Brendan is now goth. While with Heather’s group, Anna see’s Alex, and feels the need to ask him to dance. We see that Sam is busy gawking at Maya, and his girlfriend isn’t happy. She leaves and he walks over to Maya, and they eventually slow dance. That moment was what we’ve been waiting for! Sadly, it couldn’t last forever, because Sam reveals to Maya, that he’s FlyMiamiBro, and she freaks out. Also, Anna asks Alex to dance, and he turns her down. And it gets worse, because Heather and her gang come over and get mad at her for talking to Alex, and we find out that Heather didn’t want to hang out with Anna in the first place. That’s why we hate the popular people. With the dance going down hill, Anna and Maya find each other, make up, and Maya randomly gets asked by Brandt, if she wants to get fingered. Um, that progressed too fast. She says yes, which I wasn’t expecting, and her and Anna meet him somewhere private. Maya freaks out, and instead her and Anna get felt up by Brandt at the same time. Totally awkward, and he wasn’t even really making an effort. He kind of seemed out of it or high to me. After the dance, they return to Maya’s house and fight about Anna’s parents getting a divorce. They sort it out and we get a shout out to one of the earlier episodes, where they decide to hide the cigarette that they found. They decide in this moment, that they are going to smoke. They go outside, and chill out together.

I thought it was a nice way to end the season. Things were left open for a second season and I was glad that the girls made up and became stronger as friends. Overall, I didn’t have much criticism for the show as a whole. It really resonated with me, because like I said from the first episode, I grew up during this time, so this all is like a flashback for me. Yes, some of the scenarios are exaggerated a little bit, but in a way, it makes those scenes funnier, because it’s more of what they’re experiencing in that moment. I can’t wait for Season 2, and what new things these two will experience.