Is the actor who plays Chris packing his bags off to new adventures? Photo Credit: Fear the Walking Dead/AMC

Some quick developing news this week in the Fear the Walking Dead and Agent of Shield TV series. It appears that Lorenzo James Henrie is going to be making his way to Agent of Shield in season 4, in the role of Gabe Reyes, who is to be an important character in the Ghost Rider story arc.

I am not one to be shy to say I am not up to date on the Marvel, Agents of Shield, or Ghost Rider history or story lines, but I can say the last time a character that was linked to this show that was on another show, Alicia Debnam-Carey’s character in The 100 died shortly after being announced for this show. With that history I would not be surprised to see Chris leave this show. I don’t know if I will go as far to say he will die, he seems unstable and I could see him running away from current characters thus still being alive but not on the show, but he could be away from the AMC TV screens soon. I am not against it, maybe it saves Travis from the pit he is currently in.