Younger – 3.05 “P is for Pancake”


Wednesday’s “Younger” focused on what happens when half-truths and bad advice come to fruition. Bryce-tech guru, irritating investor, hobbit-like in stature (excellence from Diana exclaiming, “He looks like he should be heading back to The Shire!)-has encroached upon the Empirical staff and daily workings. His view of work doesn’t jibe with the publishing world, and by extension, Charles and Diana. It’s not just a matter of youth versus wisdom…it’s obnoxious, antisocial behavior versus experience and excellence. And who gets caught in the crosshairs: Liza.

On the home front, Liza’s roommate Maggie met a new friend, Malkie. The owner of a clothing store for Orthodox, modest women, Maggie’s flustered when she believes her gaydar is off. Malkin alleviates all concerns when she passionately whispered, ” I’m an orthodyke,“ and kissed Maggie in the dressing room.

After dealing with awkward bar meetups, Kelsey turned to a dating app called HandleBar for her next outing (not to be confused with Bistro Bros.). Meeting a guy named Lucas (with eyes so green, they twinkle), Kelsey’s scared into thinking he’s her “bad pancake” by Lauren. After Lucas confirms he lives on Roosevelt Island (yes, the former leper colony), Lauren advises Kelsey to “tram-slam” him and come straight home. Which she does. And it’s hilarious and a bit pitiful simultaneously.

Liza and Josh
The age gap between the two on-off lovebirds isn’t exactly linear. At times, they seem perfectly in sync. At other times, there’s Josh asking Liza if she’d consider having another baby. Not only is Liza 40+ with a daughter in college, they just became a “them” again. The very idea of a baby between Liza and Josh is anathema.

All Things End
When Empirical’s latest book wins a Booker Award, Bryce’s reaction is the same unimpressed and dismissive tone he’s taken since he’s been there. Putting his foot down, Charles terminated the relationship and Bryce is sent back to whatever shire he came from.

Join us for more “Younger” dissection next week at TGON!


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