iZombie ep 11

This was a refreshing take on the usual weekly “brain of the week” case and an ending that most of us didn’t see coming. It was clever and a good move on merging the case, Major’s story line, and Blaine’s zombie empire subplot, all into one. I also really found my self enjoying the character, Johnny Frost and his chemistry with Liv. I really would like to see the two share screen time in a future episode.

The ending, like most of the case and events in this episode, took place inside Liv mind. It was a great twist that I didnt see coming, yet I felt like it was a perfect way to end it. Liv seeing these strange things was handed very well and had me impressed.

Now with Ravi finding a cure and Major going on a bloodlust hunt has me wondering where things can go. I can’t help to think we might lose a couple more of the cast before the season end.