With finals completed and the beginning of the fall semester just over the horizon, I’m looking for some comforting news. Obviously, not just any broadcast will do, I need something full of crops, animals, and nostalgia. After endless google searches, I finally found the one thing that extinguished my first-day jitters. The reboot of a classic farming simulator Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town.


Source: JPGames

SoSFoMT (come on, it’s a long title) is the reboot of beloved classic Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town and follows the tale of a young boy, we will call Reed, into adulthood. During a trip to Mineral Town as a child, Reed becomes separated from his parents. After a bit of panic, he finds himself on a farm took care of by a single man. Along for the ride is a young girl that ends up playing with him and they agree to become friends forever. The elderly man helps Reed find his parents and allows them to spend a few days on the farm. When the trip came to an end, the pair became pen pals for life until the letters stop coming. Fearing the worse, the now man goes to check up on his dear friend only to find out that he passed away and left the farm to him in his will. Not wanting to let his beloved mentor down, Reed begins to rebuild his life on the farm.


Source: Capsule Computers

This game of the series really has an emphasis on the social side of life with many villagers and bachelorettes to woo. This allows the player to have a son and learn all about the history of Mineral Town. These cut scenes show not only enjoyable moments of life but also more difficult. HMFoMT would eventually become the basis on which I evaluate all farming simulators and become the game to beat.


Source: Nintendo Master

There is no reason to believe that the reboot will be different from the original other than the graphics. Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town has the cutesy 3D graphics that always remind me of Magical Melody. Based on the screenshots that have been leaked it also appears that one can play as either a male or female. I sure hope this is the case because it will feel like a mash-up between both versions of Friends of Mineral Town. The release of date of Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town in North America is currently unknown however, it will hit the shelves in Japan this October. Gamers can relive their youth and play the beloved classic on the Nintendo Switch. In the end, the news of the Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town we all must get ready to feel the wave of wistfulness this time of year begs us to feel.