Source: CW The Flash

Attack on Gorilla City is part one of a two-part special. Barry and Team Flash have to travel to Earth-2 to save Harry Harrison Wells from Grodd. How does this episode hold up? While there are a few problems, I still enjoyed this episode. I welcomed the return of Earth 2 version of Harrison Wells and Jessie Quick. Two characters who have left quite a void in the show’s third season. Seeing Harrison Wells interact with team Flash left me wishing for a regular role in the show for the remaining episode. Not that H.R Wells hasn’t been doing a good job on his own as our replacement Wells. Seeing Jessie Quick and Wally West team up to protect the city was a nice comic book moment for my inner nerd. Grodd was a nice return and the reveal of how he manipulated team Flash was a nice twist but within Grodd’s nature. Gordd has had a nice slow burn to his charter and pretty solid development over the crouse of three seasons. Visting Gorilla City was a refreshing plot and a nice change of pace. The CGI was also pretty impressive considering its on a tv show budget. I understand why but I just wish we saw more of Barry fighting the Gorillas and more of their city. I also enjoyed the relationship between Caitlyn and Julian.  Now for the bad, unfortunately, falls on the Wally and Jessie subplot. Honestly felt their relationship was a bit rushed and forced. It seemed kind of put together in such a small amount of screen time. I personally would have liked to see their relationship grow over the crouse of the remaining episode. Their subplot was the weakest part of this episode. However, I still consider this to be a good solid episode and a nice jumping off point for this two-part special.