Amelia, Alex, DeLuca and Sam work on finding a way to properly create their idea to shatter their patient’s brain tumor without cutting into it. The beam breaks the beaker over several trials.

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At home, Meredith and her sisters get the kids ready to go to school. Maggie is trying to decide the best way to split up her grant money for research. Meredith has to come up with a way to get the polymer she needs. Amelia is disappointed that she wasn’t chosen for the contest at all and therefore has no funding and a patient who desperately needs a new treatment.

Alex tells Joe that the reason they weren’t chosen was ‘test subject availability.’ With their patient, Kimmy, being twelve years old, parental consent could be tricky. Alex says he isn’t giving up, but that it seems that Kimmy is.

April waits outside of the hospital daycare to see Harriet before work. She’s hooked up to an IV, and Jackson asks if she’s okay. April is just rehydrating after partying too hard the previous night.

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Bailey tells Maggie about her new colonoscopy approach, and Maggie is impressed. Webber runs into the two of them, and says he didn’t see Bailey’s car in the parking lot. She says she took the train so that she’d walk more every day. Webber is worried about Bailey pushing herself too far too soon, but Maggie cleared her for surgery.

Ben shows up in his firefighter gear with the ambulance. A chemistry experiment at home caused a house fire, and two brothers are brought into the ER. One has a shard stuck in his thigh. The other brother has a chest wound, and another firefighter has her hand in his chest. Glasses freaks out and tells the woman to remove her hand, but she knows better and asks for a ‘grown up’ to tell her that. Of course, everyone it proper training says to keep her hand in. Meredith tells the woman, Andy Herrera (who will star in the new spin-off, Station 19 premiering March 22nd!), that she needs to keep her hand completely still as they transport the gurney into the hospital. Helm receives a call for Meredith, possibly in regards of the patent, but Meredith is too busy to answer. Helm tries to talk to the person, but they sound angry and are speaking in another language.

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Amelia brings in Tom Koracick to help with their project. He’s the brilliant and cocky neurosurgeon who removed Amelia’s brain tumor earlier this season. In true Koracick fashion, Koracick is rude to Alex and flirts with Amelia.

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Owen staples Tyler’s head shut. Ben has trouble pulling himself away from the patient and the medical side of the situation. He keeps trying to step in and advise the doctors on what they should do, but Owen assures him that they know what to do and that Ben should get back to the fire department. Ben tells Tyler that he’ll go check on his brother, Zack.

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Andy asks Meredith what the phone call was about because she needs a distraction. Meredith tells her that she needs the patent for a polymer for the medical innovation contest. She describes her idea as a sprinkler system in place of a fire hose.

Amelia’s team demonstrates the laser idea to Koracick. Sam stands in the line of the beam and a hole burns through her lab coat. Koracick sarcastically remarks, “I can’t believe this project hasn’t been funded.”

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Qadri is on Owen’s service with Tyler. He quizzes her on the importance of CT findings. She says they want to rule out intracranial bleeding and thoracoabdominal injury that requires immediate surgery. Owen walks off for a minute and Tyler wakes up. Qadri tells Tyler that they are on their way to CT. Tyler instinctively pulls the shard out of his leg, which (hopefully) we all know is the wrong decision. He starts bleeding out immediately and Qadri, thinking quickly, pulls off her hijab to use as a tourniquet.

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Jackson talks to Arizona about April’s partying. He says this behavior isn’t ‘April.’ Arizona comments that it isn’t who April was when she was with Jackson. But now that their relationship is over, April is moving on to another chapter of her life and changing and finding her non-Jackson happiness.

Alex pulls Amelia aside and says that Koracick is just slowing them down. He says that Koracick only came here as a booty call and says that they can do this without him. She says that Alex can’t help her with the physics of high ultrasound, but Koracick can. The two agree, however, that Koracick will never meet Kimmy.

Owen is impressed by Qadri’s quick thinking in the situation with Tyler. She says her hijab is a symbol of her faith, but her faith is about service and compassion, so it’s fitting. Bailey scrubs in, followed by Webber who feels it is his job to monitor Bailey today.

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Andy gets a front row seat in the OR with her hand still in Zack’s chest. Meredith gives Andy a clamp and has her reach into his chest with her free hand to clamp the aorta. Andy is worried she’ll mess it up somehow. Once it’s clamped, Meredith tells Andy that she can take her hand out. Andy is uneasy as she does so, but all goes well and April takes her place.

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Jo tells Sam to get back on scut duty rather than research for their neuro project. Koracick comments on Sam being hot and asks DeLuca if she’s single. DeLuca thinks it’s gross that he’s asking. He brings the conversation back to the project, and Koracick asks why Amelia is still clinging to this approach. DeLuca mentions Kimmy and points to her scans behind him.

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Ben tries to check on his wife during surgery but is reminded that this isn’t his job anymore. Webber says he’ll keep an eye on Bailey and the patient.

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DeLuca tells Amelia and Alex that Koracick is talking to Kimmy. They rush off to her room, worried about what Koracick will say. They overhear him telling her, in an argumentative tone, that she needs to face the truth. Standing outside of her room, it becomes clear that they’re discussing musicals, which earns Koracick too many hearteyes from me. Kimmy says her Top 3 are Cabaret, Hamilton and Rent (all excellent, albeit cliché, choices). Koracick notes that she didn’t mention any Sondheim, and the two argue between Sweeney Todd and Into The Woods. The doctors think his blooming kinship with Kimmy means he’s on their side now, but he believes there’s nothing more they can do for her.

Andy finds her rookie, Ben, and tells him about her experience in the OR. She says it was amazing, but it’s hard not seeing the rest of the surgery. Ben, knowing the hospital, sneaks her into the gallery.

When it’s time to update Tyler’s mother, Webber asks Qadri to talk to her. Knowing Qadri has never spoken to a family member before, Bailey suggests that Webber go. He’s not willing to leave Bailey in surgery, so Bailey tells the other surgeons about her heart attack. Since Webber is acting like a babysitter, Bailey threatens to decrease his pay to the $10/hour a babysitter would make. With that, Webber leaves.

Arizona asks Maggie about sex with Clive and talks about how amazing it is with Carina. Jackson asks what the two girls are laughing about, and Arizona, not knowing the feelings between Jackson and Maggie, says they’re talking about sex and Maggie’s date with Clive. Jackson says he has a date with a human’s rights attorney. Maggie leaves out of awkwardness, and the interns are talking about April partying. Jackson tries to let it go, but can’t. He tells Roy to go drain his patient’s groin abscess.

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Webber asks Meredith and April for an update on Zack before he talks to his and Tyler’s mother, but they’re still trying to assess the damage. The mother feels partially to blame for not being there, but she needs to work to take care of them, and they should be old enough to take care of themselves. She starts crying, afraid that her children won’t be okay. Qadri gets emotional too.

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Andy doesn’t see why Ben would leave the medical world to fight fires. Ben explains how he’s always wanted to do more reacting, like when he used metal from a clipboard as a scalpel a couple of seasons ago. At the hospital, he gets in trouble for those actions. As a firefighter, he gets to be the first responder and do whatever it takes to save lives.

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Amelia is angry at Koracick for giving up. Koracick thinks that Amelia should be focusing on other things that could help Kimmy, but Amelia says that this new approach is the way to save her. They argue about the laser temperature and attacking it from another angle. Koracick has an epiphany. Instead of one beam, they’re going to use multiple beams at lower temperatures, so they don’t crack the skull, but all converge at the tumor and shatter it.

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Owen tells Bailey that he thinks they might have to resect Tyler’s bowel. They use dye and a UV light to check if the abstructing has been repaired. All seems well until Tyler breaks out in hives. It seems he may have been allergic to the dye.

Jo and Helm step into Meredith’s OR to inform her that she has a call from Madrid. April thinks it’s weird that someone is calling from Madrid, and Andy calls down from the gallery and says that the call is for her. Helm brings the phone up and Andy speaks in Spanish to the person on the phone. The noise attracts Webber who had been walking down the hall. He tells Andy and Ben that they can’t be in the gallery. Ben can either go back to the fire station or wait in the waiting room.

Meredith updates the boys’ mother on Tyler. Meredith hasn’t heard about Zack, but says she can get an update for her. At that moment, Bailey, Owen and Qadri come out to talk to the mother. Both boys made it through surgery.

The neuro team tries their experiment with three beams instead of one. The beaker eventually breaks, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction, as the beaker lasts significantly longer than it did with one beam.

3 beam alex

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Andy returns Helm’s phone to Meredith. Mer thanks Andy for trying to help her keep April in the dark on her lack or patent. Andy says that she actually spoke to Dr. Cerone. He’ll be in the US next week and agreed to meet with Meredith about the patent.

Ben talks to his wife in her office. He says he never really thought about what he was giving up by leaving the hospital. His wife counters that he did think about it — he just didn’t stop to feel it. Her advice is to stop and feel it, and then move on.

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Jackson admits to April that he’s worried about her. She simply responds, “You’re Harriet’s dad. You’re not mine.”

Owen Owen brings Qadri her hijab that he had cleaned. He compliments her work today, and she says she doesn’t think she could have handled it if their patient had died. He knows she could have, but is glad that she didn’t have to.

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Ben meets Andy outside and the two ‘hitchhike’ back to the station in a passing ambulance.

At Joe’s after work, Arizona sees April standing on a table, pouring shots for the interns and downing tequila.

dr april party

The episode ends with a glimpse of Alex singing “Danny Boy” with Kimmy, as if we don’t already love Alex too much.

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