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***This post contains major spoilers for episode 2×6 of Krypton, “In Zod We Trust.” ***

After the shocking killing of Lyta Zod in the last episode by Jax-Ur, both our heroes and villains are shook over the death. Dru-Zod is officially out for vengeance over the death of his mother and Jax-Ur tries to convince the rebels that what she did was right and that she was never going to negotiate with terrorists. Jax tries to put a plan together to take out the Sagitari in the mines but Val-El puts a stop to this and to her saying that they can’t win without the people and now he doesn’t want any part of Jax anymore and the team of rebels decide to turn on Jax giving Val control of the team.

Dru-Zod is angry over the death of his mother (Courtesy of SyFy)

Meanwhile, Nyssa is on her way to meet with Dru-Zod to trade the Codex for her son, but Zod tries to finagle his way out of it saying that “things have changed,” knowing how important the Codex is to Zod, Nyssa says she could destroy it which would doom the entire race of Krypton which makes Dru-Zod change his mind,

Seg, Dev and Jayna each come up with plans off of Kandor and argue what Lyta would really want. Seg says that nobody could really know what she wants since she was reconditioned. Dev suddenly remembers the moment it supposedly happened and says that he saw the same devotion Lyta had for Dru-Zod that she had for Seg and that made him leave her. Braniac lectures Seg about getting over his emotions which leads to Seg telling Jayna and Dev to get over it and push forward.

Val vows to Adam and Kim that he will hold no more secrets and while he doesn’t have the tactical mind of Jax he believes what they are doing is right and just and they will win. An angry Dru then calls Val (well..the rebels) to tell him he will destroy everyone on Wegthor unless Val delivers Jax to him. Val-El has no choice but to deliver Jax-Ur to him within the hour.

Nyssa is being brought to Zod by two Sagitari soldiers who were supposed to kill her and bring the codex to Dru. However, Nyssa knew this was about to happen and thwarted it by killing the two Sagitari stabbing them with a knife. As she fled the scene she ran into Seg, Jayna and Dev.

Val turns to Adam and Kem as he ponders what to do with Jax-Ur. Kem says to just hand her over and stop the violence while Adam asks if they really think Zod will stop killing even if he does get Jax. Val feels as if he has no choice but to hand her over.

Nyssa explains to Seg, Dev and Jayna that Val help put in a fail safe in the codex just in case anyone ever tried to weaponize it. Jayna believes that Zod would have killed her as soon as he realizes the fail safe. Seg can’t let anymore harm be done to the people he loves and vows to help Nyssa.

General Zod has plans, big plans for the codex once its brought to him. His team has built long and short range missiles that could take down entire bunkers made with promethium. Once he has the codex he plans to test his theories within the hour.

While locked up on the inside, with help, Jax-Ur is able to break free her cuffs and escape. Val, Adam and Kem find her after her escape and let her know of Zods ultimatum. Jax tried and succeeded without Val getting any blood on his hands but now she gave him another morality test that would allow them to destroy the space elevator completely subjagating all the sagitari on Wegthor from food and ammo.

Nyssa and Zod finally meet. Nyssa tells Zod that he underestimated her and Zod tells her that she did something that never happens to him, she surprised him. Zod finally hands Nyssa her baby and she gives him the codex. Nyssa who would have been dead onsite once Zod realizes her deception, jumps off the roof where Seg catches her in a skimmer. However, Zod’s plasma blasts have fried the system and the only way to make it out alive is for Seg to listen to Braniac. Eventually Seg fixes the ship and they make it to the outlands and meet up with Dev and Jayna.

Braniac saves Seg and Nyssa (Courtesy of SyFy)

Dru calls Val to tell him to have Jax-Ur ready and that Val will have to be work for him now. Val pleads never to work for him and his vision and detonates the bomb destroying the space elevator. Back on Kandor, Zod is informed of the codex’s fail safe.

Braniac informs Seg that he won’t be able to defeat Zod without his help and that the only way to do this is to take Braniac back to the quantum computer on his ship. Seg tells Nyssa of Braniac and says that she’s the only one he can trust. Finally, Zod takes his new weapon and finds Doomsday as he will do anything to take back this war.

Zod attempts to take down Doomsday (Courtesy of SyFy)


If you really didn’t think Lyta was dead (like me at the end of last episode) I think it’s time to say bye to Lyta as we know it (or at least that version of Lyta). Krypton stuck to its decision to kill off Lyta Zod and what we got was a very emotional episode from start to finish. From Seg to Dru to Dev to Jayna, all those characters got a chance to grieve in some way over her death.

Nyssa has slowly evolved into one of my favorite characters on the show as she’s become the most devilishly deceptive character on the show. Wallis Day has done an extraordinary job with the character who everyone seems to trust.

It wasn’t just Wallis Day but I thought the acting was very very good in this episode. Colin Salmon deserves some type of an award for his portrayal of the psychopathic and angry Zod while Cameron Cuffe who I thought was one of the weaker links in season one, has upped his acting every week, props !

Braniac who I thought was cooked at the beginning of this season is now “this close,” to getting what he wants, the chance to get downloaded into his ship. It’s a hard call for Seg to make and he knows what he’s getting played in some way by Braniac but he is at the point where he will do anything to save his family.

Welcome to the game Val-El, while I questioned his ability to do what was necessary to win, this week he took the gamble to try and win the war. It kind of discerns me how he went from killing anyone who’s innocent is bad to destroying the whole space elevator just like that, but at least he’s aware of his lack of tactical knowledge.

Finally, the return of Doomsday the Superman killer! While he didn’t turn up until the very end, it seems like were going to finally see the origin of Doomsday, I really can’t wait!