Master Of None – Amarsi Un Po

Master of None - Season 2
Netflix / Universal Television

The penultimate episode of Master Of None sees Francesca return to New York for about a month, confusing Dev’s penis and his brain as he shows her around the city.

Guys if you’ve been reading these, you know that I’m sort of annoyed at Francesca’s character development – or lack thereof. She just exists for Dev to project his fantasies onto, which I understand…he’s the protagonist, we get his POV more than anyones. However, the fact that she has barely any personality of her own, makes it difficult to root for this relationship.

Amorsi Un Po gives Francesca more depth, as she’s going around New York with Dev, we get a glimpse into her real life, the sacrifices she had to make after her mother passed, the fact that she’s marrying Pino because it’s been ten years and that’s what you do, how stuck she feels in her life in Italy, etc.

Master of None - Season 2
Netflix / Universal Television

For Francesca, Dev represents new experiences and adventures, every time they’re together, they have fun, their chemistry is off the chain, the mood is light and bubbly. In contrast, her life with Pino (which we get a glimpse into) is full of fighting, unease, and tension.

A lot of time is spent this episode of the lovebirds’ emotional affair, at Pino’s birthday, while playing tourist throughout NYC, and in Dev’s apartment during a snow storm. They each know what they’re doing but refuse to admit it until the very end.

Arnold invites them to come see him DJ and at this party, Francesca is distant and cold. She confronts Dev in a way that makes him admit his feelings for her. She does not give anything back when he admits to wanting to be with her, simply acknowledging the sentiment and leaving the party. Those feelings now linger between them as we head into the final episode of the season.

Master of None - Season 2
Netflix / Universal Television

Come back next week for my final rambly anti-Francesca recap & until then, make sure you eat some homemade pasta and watch some old-school Italian films!



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