Season two’s episode twenty-six, “All in the Villainy”, was truly a gem for the series. It shared the beautiful story of family integration and the struggles that come with. we got to see more of the henchmen and the hinted at couple (Venomous and Boxman).

In a previous post, we discussed the episode were Boxman moved into Venomous’ old home and this episode is a continuation of were that plot left off. For some time, it has been suggested that Venomous and Boxman are more than friends or work associates but this episode was major fuel for that debate.

The theme of this segment was focused on Fink and Darrell not being able to adapt to the newfound changes along with Venomous and Boxman trying to help the situation together. Overall, the whole thing used cliched scenarios in a creative, new way that were familiar but fresh. Things like sharing a room but having the whole thing turn into a disaster through their continuing fights. It was also a fun bit to see the different managing (mirrored to parenting) styles between these two villains.

The issue that forced the bosses the take action against their henchmen was the fact that the constant fighting amongst each other was affecting their ability to attack the plaza. Fink has never really gotten along with the robots but this new partnership has forced them all to live together. There is plenty of bickering between these two throughout the whole episode and its really forcing Venomous and Boxman to reconsider their abilities/ situation. It gets so bad that towards the end of the episode, the V and B are seen with Ernesto in a therapy session talking about the problems they are facing.

Everything ends with a heartwarming union between everyone as we see Fink and Darrell make amends and their bosses happy to see their henchmen getting along.

While the villains were figuring things out, our trio (K.O., Rad and Enid) were rarely seen and heard as they were just waiting for the next fight. Despite our favorite 6 to 11 year old having little presence, there were still plenty of cute images to enjoy. Audiences got to see a small glimpse into Finks past too that we think will be a very important component later if a certain theory proves correct. In the end, this was a very well put together installment for Ok K.O. that proved to be interesting and memorable.

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