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***This post contains major spoilers for episode 2×4 of Krypton, “Danger Close.” ***

Years ago, in the rankless sector, a younger Seg meets a sagitari woman buying some hand made clothing. This woman is Lyta, marking their first encounter. Seg tells her that the gift she picked out is actually hideous and he would like to help her pick something better. Seg and Lyta have a moment and Seg thanks her for being the only sagitari to ever help him. However, this whole thing was actually a forced memory from Braniac who is still inside Seg. As he wakes up Adam let’s him know how crappy he looks before they trek to Kandor City.

Seg and Adam prepare to trek to Kandor (Courtesy of SyFy)

On Wegthor, Kem is one of the only sagitari soldiers alive after the rebel’s used the oxygenator’s to completely diminish the sagitari’s oxygen levels.

Adam and Seg make their way to Segs former rankless sector that is now anything but how it looked before Seg was sent to the Phantom Zone. This is General Zods Kandor now! Seg comes up with a part of a plan as him and Adam finally part ways.

Seg and Lyta finally reunite, which it seems like has been a long friggen time. In bed, Seg thanks her for help bringing him home from the Phantom Zone and once again thanks her for being the only sagitari to ever help him, which Lyta didn’t really understand. Seg tells her about the dream he had of General Zod in the future ruling the galaxy against its collective will. He wants to stop it but Lyta changes the subject and they leave.

On Wegthor, Val, Jax-Ur and the rebel’s are celebrating their victory but the war is still not over. Using the long range oxygen supplies they gained from the sagitari they plan on taking over the space elevator. Adam finally makes his way to Wegthor. Him and Val talk and Adam thinks he broke the universe. Adam believes he’s the one responsible for General Zod taking over because he chose to time travel. Val tells him it’s not his fault and all they can do is take Zod down now.

Lyta shows Seg his baby Cor-Vex. Seg doesn’t understand why Lyta has the baby. Lyta tells him that when she gets back from Wegthor, they can all be a family. Seg is now even more confused because this is his and Nyssa’s baby, and he knows she’s not being herself. Also, Lyta let Zod know Seg was here and Zod intrudes.

Dev and Jayna have a conversation and Dev apologizes for what he’s become. In a flashback we find out what made Dev lose his hope in the sagitari. As a commander, Dev did not want to hurt some innocent civilian miners. However, his orders would not be modified from Primus Lyta and his soldiers did not want to get re conditioned for failing to comply with orders. The civilians were killed and Kem told Dev about a smuggler that could get him back to Kandor undetected. He needed to talk to Lyta but she has become to much of her father. He thanks her for helping him in his time of need but quits on her. That’s when he went out to find Jayna. He needs Jayna to take down Zod. They agree to take him down together.

Zod and Seg chat. Zod says it’s good to see him but doesn’t apologize for destroying the Phantom projector that kept Seg from returning from the Phantom Zone as the risk of Braniac returning was too high. Seg tells him about his dream of Zod killing Lyta in the Phantom Zone and tells him that at some point he’s gonna go to far.Zod then goes on about Zods and Els being able to do great things together and tells Seg he has the ability to end this war.

Adam finds Kem who thought Adam was dead. Kem thanks Adam for saving his life and Adam let’s him know that Seg is alive which brings hope to Kem. Adam gets Kem into the plan to take over the space elevator. Kem agrees to help the rebel’s but Adam warns him they could die today but Kem says that certain death wouldn’t stop Seg.

After being sent to the med Bay by Zod to get checked after being in the Phantom Zone, Seg sees Raika who was re-conditioned early this season. Raika starts freaking out and doesnt remember him. Seg uses his name “the father of the ruler of Krypton,” to get authorization to get Raika fixed.

Nyssa informs Val about a super weapon that may destroy everything on Krypton. Meanwhile Jax-Ur is preparing the super weapon that can kill all the sagitari.

Nyssa tells Val about the superweapon (Courtesy of SyFy)

After taking Raika to the re-conditioning room. He knocks out the doctor so he can try to find out if Lyta was re-conditioned but all her files have been erased. Zod, however, interrupts Segs plan and tries to re-condition him. However, it doesn’t work because Braniac is still inside Segs mind.

Adams plan gets off to a rocky start as they set off an alarm but Kems data scrambler does the trick. Meanwhile, the long-range oxygenators they stole from the sagitari were poisoned by General Zod and all the rebel’s basically died. In a last-ditch effort to kill the Sagitari, Jax-Ur tried to detonate the superweapon but because of Nyssa telling Val about the weapon he made sure to disable it. At the end of the episode it’s dire for our rebel’s.


This weeks episode Krypton was disappointingly short on the action as the Kryptonian War finally began. While most of the action happened off-screen in between episodes, this also set up our conflict for the week. However, it was still a really solid episode that provided some strong, gratuitous backstory for Seg and Dev.

Segs journey back to Kandor and into Lyta’s hands was also done really well. While we’ve certainly missed those two together, even when they do meet, it’s not exactly what Seg has been expecting. Lyta has had a number done to her by her son Zod and it’s now Segs duty to fix her.

Jayna and Devs story has been given the least amount of screen time throughout the season so far but it’s this week they finally decide to work together, which will hopefully lead us to more shared screen time with our other heroes.

Nyssa even with only a few lines this week still had the greatest impact because of her decision to tell Val about the weapon. While the weapon could have evened the war and killed the sagitari, the war is now the sagitari’s to lose.

Adam (Shaun Sipos) has been sort of like the MVP so far this season as I thought he’s done a great job of comedically working off of all the actors so far. You can tell the writers like writing for him.

No Doomsday again this week and I’m starting to wonder when we’re finally gonna see him wreak some havoc and turn the war around.

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