Fear the Walking Dead is reshuffling the deck once again, however, I don’t want to get to ahead of myself, because in some of the previous seasons it started off really great, and then it just turned into a dumpster fire. This season started very unique, down to the opening little credits. The show has a bounty hunter and his dog, I didn’t bother to learn the hunters name, but the dog funnels this unknown man to the bounty hunters little camp. The hunter knows that this man is Walter, who tries to slyly hide a key around his neck. When the dog catches up, the bounty hunter chops off Walter’s head and takes the key, he puts the head in a box marked Walter. Virginia contacts the man and hires him to hunt a Morgan Jones, so this man gets another box and puts Morgan Jones name on it and puts it in the truck.

Morgan is looking rough, bloodshot eyes, tired, beaten down, but shockingly enough the walkers just ignore him. He must smell like absolute death. He isn’t giving up though as he has had plenty of time to make a nice water tower bunker base. He has a stock of medicine, which he obviously needs, mattresses all around the walls, some food and water. He has a nice little hiding spot, he has a bag and in pen wrote in 30 * 781223 -99*320319, which is coordinates to this location. This is risky, and also smart, it all depends on how you look at it and who might get their hands on this bag. Morgan heads back to town and he gets distracted by a crib in a store, he got to sidetracked that walkers got the jump on him. A man comes flying by and kills the walkers and tries to kill Morgan until he talks.

The two, Morgan and who we later learn as Isaac, chat it up a bit, with Morgan trying not to give any information, until the dog and bounty hunter arrive asking about a Morgan Jones. Isaac goes out to talk to the man and Morgan dips out the back. The hunter keeps talking about a social code of conduct but Isaac is able to worm his way out of that one, luckily the walkers want nothing to do with Morgan who passed out outside. Isaac is amazed by the walkers ignoring Morgan and wants him to do a special mission, getting some medicine to his pregnant wife that is overrun by tons of walkers. With all the talking the bounty hunter finds them yet again, this time at Morgan’s water tower hideout and pulls it down with his truck. Morgan shoots the hunter in the arm and him and Isaac steal his truck and take off. It doesn’t take long for Morgan to want to go back to salvage supplies from the tower.

After the supply run Morgan is willing to try to take the supplies to Isaac’s wife, who is in some area through an opening in a dam, starts making his way past all the walkers when he decides to do things on hard mode and starts yelling at the walkers. One armed Morgan and Isaac go and fight off and end up killing all the walkers, Morgan went beast mode which was impressive. When the two make it through Isaac tells Morgan they are in an old town, that was flooded to make the lake. This place has water, rich soil from all the silt and some structures that can be rebuilt, this place can be salvaged. The bounty hunter is great at hide and seek and finds them yet again.

Epic fight! Lennie James as Morgan Jones, Demetrius Grosse as Emile – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Morgan talks with the hunter and is willing to turn himself in to save the others, the hunter things that is a good idea, Morgan is ready to have his head chopped off when Isaac attacks. Morgan fights back and gets to a spot where Isaac and Morgan can have a little chat where Isaac shows Morgan he was previously bit, and he wanted to get Morgan back here to build the place back up. Morgan finds some extra strength and is able to kill the bounty hunter by using the mans own ax to chop his head off. The baby has come and cries, Isaac goes to meet his kid and Morgan passes out.

Isaac was able to fix Morgan up and take out the bullet fragments from his chest. Sadly Isaac died before Morgan woke up. Morgan knows what he has to do now, for Isaacs family. He grabs the ax to kill a walker, and kills many more which ended up making a roadblock to stop Virginia and her people. Virginia gets out to see the box labeled Morgan Jones, she looks pretty excited, until she sees it is the hunter and not Morgan. Virginia gets on the walkie to say she thought that for things to work that Morgan had to die, but she knows she just has to let everyone else think he is dead for it to work. Morgan gets on and says that Morgan Jones is dead, they are dealing with someone else now. He sounds and looks badass! He has a hat and his face looks better and a horse. Morgan going to get the band back together!