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***This post contains major spoilers for episode 2×5 of Krypton, “A Better Yesterday.” ***

After the events of the last episode (AKA The Battle on Wegthor) over 50% of the rebel’s ground troops have been killed due to the poisoned oxygenators the rebels stole from the sagitari and planned to use against them.

While everything is going wrong for our rebel’s, there is one thing going for them at-least, Seg is still here and he has all of his memories and he’s after Zod. Zod wants to know how Seg keeps defying the odds while Braniac is even more present in Segs mind.

After capturing Adam and Kem (and other members of the resistance) Adam asks if Lyta remembers him, which she replies, yeah you’re the guy the almost let Braniac take over Kandor. She releases everyone on the basis that they inform Val El of a meeting between him and her to reduce the amount of bloodshed in this war. She keeps Adam and Kem however.

Jax-Ur and Val El argue about the use of the super weapon. Val doesn’t understand how they sagitari knew of the plan until Jax informs him of the traitor.

Nyssa is stopped by some sagitari where she was informed of what her treachery has done. Lyta stops by to tell her she’s finally picked the right side.

In the rankless sector, Jayna and Dev dressed as Sagitari, try to recruit some men to take down Zod and his army. Later, Dev admits that he doesn’t know which side is right anymore and that the only thing he’s ever believed in was her.

Seg questions Zod about Lyta’s re-conditioning with a gun pointed at him. Seg has a plan to communicate with the rest of the sagitari to turn against General Zod but due to a solar flare on Wegthor, it’s not possible.

Just remember Dru, I am your father. (Courtesy of SyFy)

Later, Seg tells him that his plan is crappy if he has to literally change people’s minds to get them to listen to his vision. Seg also says that he changed the best part of Lyta (her empathy) and that she will choose him. Zod however is not so sure and believes that she she will choose Zod over him because every choice she has made has been hers.

Val and Jax-Ur plan to turn Lyta against Zod because they feel like there is some good and her and because they think she doesn’t know that Seg is alive (which she does) she will pick him over Zod. During the meeting, Lyta offers them salvation for complete surrender and that all remaining soldiers will be divided into various guilds. Jax laughs at the offer while Val informs her of Segs re-arrival. Jax rejects the offer and shoots a laser out of her eye and kidnaps Lyta.

Jax and Val take Lyta (Courtesy of SyFy)

Jax asks Zod for one hour to start withdrawing sagitari from Wegthor or she will kill Lyta. Zod pledges that he will not let anything happen to Lyta. Jax’s plan is to basically turn either the people or the sagitari against him because if he saves her, it will show the people he is weak to save his mother and if he doesn’t it goes against sagitari code to not save her. Val feels really queasy about the person Jax is becoming, knowing that she might have to kill Lyta. Jax will do whatever it takes to win this war even having her men take Val.

Dev and Jayna infiltrate the sagitari and inform the commander that they have found the traitors (Dev and Jayna Zod) and that they need to relay this information to General Zod now. The commander allows them the access to go through.

Zod agrees to withdraw his men from Wegthor. Zod tells Seg of how he always wanted his fathers recognition and never got it because his dad was dead but now he doesn’t need it anymore and knocks Seg out.

Jax allows Zod to talk to his mother. Lyta doesn’t want her son to save her and fully believes in the cause.

Passed out on the ground Braniac stops time to lecture Seg about Zod and the fact that he’s a very good liar. Braniac tells him that he stopped the re-conditioning and that the reason he knocked him out is because he is determined to succeed and if Seg wants to stop him he needs to quickly tell Lyta about the re-conditioning and kill him. Before he could tell her though he shuts off the connection and they fight. Zod gets the upper hand and is about to choke him to death before Jayna and Dev come in and stop him. Zod throws a knife at Jayna which Dev catches while Zod gets away.

Seg, Jayna and Dev escape the sagitari with Braniacs help (telling Seg where and when all incoming guards are coming)

The Strange Adventures of Adam and Kem. Now there’s a spin-off I’d watch. (Courtesy of SyFy)

Last episode we learned about the civilian miner incident that drove Dev away from the sagitari. This week Adam and Kem (who was there) find that there’s much more going on behind that wall that they expected. They relay this information to Jax and when she finds out Zods deception (fake civilians who are actually sagitari) waiting for Lyta to come back down off the elevator. Jax-Ur slices Lyta’s throat.


This weeks episode, “A Better Yesterday,” had a lot to live up to with the build up of the last episode and for the most part it exceeded in doing so.

I was really excited for this meeting between Seg and his son Dru-Zod but it was a little dry up until the very end. Once Braniac (Blake Riston) showed up it definitely elevated the material. Even at his most devilish, I wanted too see more of Braniac and Seg (Brainy-Eg??? Saniac???), because it was so cool seeing the two work together as a team even though you know Braniac is a former big bad.

Jayna and Dev haven’t had much screen time over the course of the first four episodes but now they are finally together, on a mission, and connected with Seg, the resistance is now one step closer to reaching full force. I’m excited to see all our heroes back in the game.

I found Jax-Ur and Val Els disagreements to be the most boring part of the episode and even know Val can say he took the moral high ground, I’m not exactly sure its the best for him. If anything he seems to be weighing down the resistance, Jax is just a much better tactician and like Jax said, Zod knows his weakness.

Is Lyta really dead? I’m gonna say no because it’s a comic book show and I’d be really surprised if she was dead, i can’t see this being the end for Georgina Campbell.

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