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***This post contains major spoilers for episode 2×3 of Krypton, “Will to Power.” ***

On Colu, Seg & Adam are still running from Lobo while Braniac is closer to taking over Seg’s mind and body. Inside his mind Braniac and Seg have a conversation, Braniac offers Seg eternal life but Seg tells him to shove it somewhere else. Seg was also able to read Braniacs and mind and knows that he needs Seg’s body to repair himself, he also has access to Braniacs mind and memories now.

Lyta is worried that they have been losing too many Saggitari and asks General Zod to send her to Wegthor. Zod rambles about Lyta being his biggest influence in coming back to Krypton but Lyta hasn’t yet become that person yet and tells him in order to become that she needs to go to Wegthor to save lives.

Jayna and Dev have a conversation and we learn from Jayna that the Saggitari were ultimately looking for Dev, not her. Jayna wants to save Lyta but like Dev explains to her, Lyta is his primus, his right-hand man.

Seg and Adam are hiding from Lobo at the planets mainframe.

Jax-Ur tells Val El about the Saggitari’s planned attack on Wegthor. Val believes that this could be the tipping point the rebel’s need. Val and Nyssa have a convo and they both talk about Seg and how Nyssa needs him and can’t wait to show him their baby. Val promises to get Kor-Vex back.

The war on Wegthor is coming (Courtesy of SyFy)

Meanwhile, Seg and Adam find a cave that’s basically a super computer that was responsible for the construction of Colu. As Seg goes to connect himself to the system, they can hear Lobo in the background. In Seg’s mind, Braniac taunts him telling him that he could never defeat him. Braniac shows him his deepest desires; the first one involves Nyssa and him seeing his baby, the second, having a drink with his old friend Kem, and thirdly Braniac tries exploiting Seg by showing him Lyta.

Zod summons Lyta and decides to send her up to Wegthor. Zod tells her that she’s his best asset and that he was reluctant because he’s already seen her die. Lyta asks him how she died in the other future, he vaguely answers by telling her that she died when she gave up and stopped making hard choices. Later, Lyta hugs her son and thanks him.

Adam finds a way to connect Seg to the machine right as Lobo makes his grand entrance. Lobo tries to kill Adam but when Lobo throws his chain at him, a forcefield chops off his arm. Lobo makes a joke out of it as severed arm lies on the ground, Lobo still manages to give him the finger. Adam tells him he’s never going to get in there and Lobo decides to blow off his own head (don’t worry he has healing powers).

Oh hand (Courtesy of SyFy)

Nyssa and her old girlfriend reconnect on Wegthor and the girl apologizes for what happened in the past. Nyssa and her sleep together which Nyssa uses to gain information.

Seg talks to Lyta in his head (although it’s Braniac exploiting him) Seg really misses her. Meanwhile, remember Lobos hand that was severed? Well now his head is growing out of it inside the force field. Lobo uses his half body and chain to knock Adam down.

Seg talks to Lyta inside his head while Adam saves him (Courtesy of SyFy)

Jayna finds Dev passed out (presumably from the cold) in the outskirts. She takes him inside to heal him.

Meanwhile on Wegthor, the impeding war is here and Jax-Ur believes they’re about to get anihilated.

After getting knocked down by Lobo, Adam finally uses his Zeta-beam to transport him and Seg to Krypton right as the war is about to start.


“Will to Power,” ups the stakes considerably as we move on to the impeding war on Wegthor. While this week focused most notably on Seg and his strong will to live we also got a hilarious scene of Lobo chopping off his limbs only to regenerate and try to kill Adam.

Nyssa, whom is often overshadowed had a strong episode as she is back to deceiving ways, while opening up further questions of her past (which has been a recurring theme).

Some main characters from season 1, like Jayna and Dev aren’t given much to do here and the inclusion of Kem (who’s a part of the rebel squad) feels a little overshadowed by every that’s going on.

Also there was no mention of Doomsday this week who has not had much screen time so far this season.

The best thing about Will to Lobo…I mean will to live, is where it gets us and what it sets up for the next part of the season. Adam and Seg are finally back on Krypton and the war is about to start. After being gone for so long there is going to be a lot to catch Seg up on. He faces more problems then he even knows.