SPOILER ALERT – If you haven’t seen all the episodes of Westworld and would prefer to avoid spoilers then please look elsewhere

When we last saw Logan (played by Ben Barnes) he died of a drug overdose. Based off this alone you would expect that his character would not return for season 3. Ben Barnes himself even told Digital Spy recently:

“I think I’m definitely dead…It felt pretty definitive the last time.”

But this is Westworld, a show which has defied life and death on numerous occasions. If you recall, Ford was famously shot at the end of the first season and the big question leading up to the second season’s premiere was whether or not he was actually dead. It turned out that he did in fact die but managed to live on inside the park’s mainframe.

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Logan too, kind of returned as an avatar of the system itself deep inside ‘the Forge’. This could lead to some interesting possibilities as ‘Logan’ would have access to a lot of information and abilities. The Forge is the park’s main server and contains just about everything there is to know about Delos and possibly beyond. If he were to come back like this it would be interesting to see if he’s used for good or evil. Seeing a character once known for being a jerk and ruled by his baser impulses transform into a being of higher sentience with perhaps some motivations would be cool but also frightening.

On a more practical level, characters can be replicated as hosts and minds can be transferred to different host bodies. Dolores is seen at the end of season 2 carrying five pearls which presumably contain the minds of hosts and/or humans. Can Logan be one of them? Not very likely but anything is possible.

Westworld will be at San Diego Comic Con this year so perhaps we don’t have to wait long to find out who will be returning or any other hints at the upcoming season.

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