The 100 has been pretty quiet for awhile now, but like a volcano it is almost ready to explode with an updated extended trailer.


The 100 returns soon! Photo Credit: The 100/CW

The 100 is returning Wednesday February 1st and it will be nice to see some of my favorite characters again, (R.I.P. Lexa!)

Seeing any video of the upcoming season of your favorite shows is treat, but like anything else it just leaves you wanting more. Check it out here:

In the trailer you see so much action and very little conversation. We do know that the Earth needs to be worried about radiation, that is a battle that can not be won. To avoid or survive that what are your choices? Somehow luck out that your area is not in an effected area. Perhaps go underground and live for years, or perhaps go back to space! We don’t know what they will do, we do see that Clarke is worried how they are going to tell everyone that the world might end from the radiation. You can see people from all groups are very dejected. Jaha is not liked at all as we see him try to help someone and they just spit in his face. Safe to say nobody is going to be following him any time soon.

For the grounders, it appears the narrative is still the same, survive, somehow, and to try to kill the Wanheada, take her power, and rule over everything. This has been the main focus of a number of grounders and different factions. Besides that we see a slew, and I mean a slew of fighting all over the place. One on one fights, large groups, sneak attacks, we are going to see a lot of deaths this season. I wonder if this is the final season?

It wasn’t implied but I wonder if Roan is healthy and leading his group of people by now. We see Octavia going crazy with revenge in her eyes, Jasper seems, almost delusional, nobody can organically be that happy can they? Bellamy looks to be in some sort of trouble or pain which is concerning. The 100 will be returning before you know it Wednesday February 1st.