This episode is titled Bizzarodale for a reason, Riverdale is being contaminated by the street drugs called fizzle rocks thanks to Hiram Lodge, there are people continuing to pose as the Gargoyle king, and it’s unknown who is killing citizens with poisoned chalices. In this episode, we saw Kevin Keller battled to maintain his private relationship with moose, Veronica suffering the consequences for burning the fizzle rocks her mother already sold, and Josie and Archie kissed after a jam session.

Veronica Pays The Piper

I love Veronica and Reggie as a dual, but I fear that she will just keep stringing him along when its convent for her. After all, she did welcome Archie with open arms but tossed him aside when she discovered she had problems he couldn’t be involved in. Even though, I know Veronic doesn’t love Reggie, I love how he shows his loyalty to her. No matter what tricks she has up her sleeves, he is always willing to do whatever it takes to help. That’s real love. Reggie could’ve backed out of Veronica’s situation when Hermoine informed them that they had to come up with the money to pay off the buyer, but instead he volunteered to rob his dad’s dealership. I’ll give it to Veronica, she is a great getaway driver. I wasn’t expecting the buyer to be Jugheads mom, but I’m excited to see her go head to head with the Lodges. She even threatened to spill Veronica’s mom secrets to Hiram if she told Jughead about their business.

The Pretty Poisons

I’m glad that the spotlight is back on Cheryl and Toni because I love these two together. I love Cheryl’s shady side, but she did go too far when she outed Moose who is Kevin’s lover but hasn’t come out of the closet. It’s beautiful when members of the LGBTQ+ community are confident in themselves and in their relationships. Cheryl had to apologize for her comments made towards the school. I’m glad that Toni brings out the good side in Cheryl because she is less evil with her in her ear. It’s great to see Toni call her out on her crap, but dealing with Cheryl can be exhausting sometimes, especially since she is no longer with the Serpents. Cheryl later made up for her mistakes by starting a girl gang for Toni called the Pretty Poisons. The girl gang is just what the two need. I admired Cheryl’s dedication to being a better person and I can’t wait to see these ladies step all over the boys.

Love At Last

Kevin is one of the sweetest characters at Riverdale high, and his love life had hit a peak in this episode because Moose was scared to come out to his father. When it comes to coming out, you have to give that person space and time that they need until they feel comfortable. I noticed from a lot of the conversations that I’ve had with my LGBTQ+ friends that they were scared to come out because they were raised in religious homes, or they knew deep down inside that they would be frowned upon by the family members. This was the case with Moose. Later on, he came out and I could see the relief build in Kevin. The finally spent the night together but was later summoned by the Gargoyle King who was actually his father. Apparently, Moose’s father had a crush on Kevin’s father Tom, but he wasn’t interested. He was then confined to the prison that the sisters had to convert gays which is horrible. This scene was very disgusting because it was sad to see Moose’s father get jealous of his son over something he couldn’t have. While this occurred, the parents were lowered into their old meet up spot to be lowered away from their kids.

Archie and Josie

I love Josie’s workaholic personality, but she never cuts herself some slack. I know that not getting accepted into your dream school is a hard pill to swallow. Josie is really talented and I think she is in a headspace that makes her believe she will never have other opportunities to be great, so she pressures herself all the time. I loved seeing her with Sweetpea but seeing her with Archie brought out the real Archie Andrews. Josie is driven by success, not Riverdale’s drama and I believe that’s what Archie needs in his life right now. Even though I know she doesn’t believe in relationships, I hope that she will make an exception for Archie.

Rating: 3.5/5

I enjoyed seeing Kevin help Moose come out and the spark between Josie, and Archie, but I didn’t care for this particular episode that much. For one we didn’t get much of Jughead and Betty investigations. Secondly, I didn’t like how the episode was going with Moose’s father posing as the Gargoyle king. I just think the whole Gargoyle King legend is stupid. Again we went from an actual serial killer to a fantasy creature from a board game. So far, I’m not caring for season 3 because of the storyline angles. In season one and two, I was interested in the show because it gave me Pretty Little Liar vibes with the black hood being on the loose. Now, it seems like they’re trying to add a little bit of the Stranger Things gimmick in the mix and it’s not working. I do believe it the season will get better from this point because Glady’s Jones is staying in town. If she planned to run her own operation with the fizzle rock’s there is no telling what she is planning to do in Riverdale, which means she will eventually go to war with Hiram. Things are bound to shake up now!

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