The Game of Nerds brings you the top five old-school crime TV shows that you can watch on streaming sites. Each of these original series will make you laugh and keep you on the edge of your toes. Some of these shows have already been made like Magnum PI and Hawaii 5-0. However, no matter how good the remake is it will never compare to the magic of the originals.

Magnum PI

Magnum PI is an American crime drama starring Tom Selleck as Thomas Sullivan Mangum IV a private investigator who lives as a guest in Robin Master’s House. Also living in the house is Robin Master’s caretaker Jonathan Quayle Higgins who runs the house by the book. Robin Master and Thomas Mangum have a quid pro quo arrangement where Masters allows Mangum to live out his house for favors. It is not quite explained in detail what the nature of their arrangement is but it allows Mangum to stay in the house. The tension in the house comes from the conflicting characters of Magumn who is carefree and Higgens who is strict and regimented. Each episode is action-packed and reloves around Magnum’s current case. The show is like a modern noir placed in a Hawaii setting. There also seems to exist in the same universe as Murder She Wrote with occasional crossover episodes happening between the shows. If you like the remake of Magnum PI then you must see the original Magnum PI. #Selckdiditbetter

Murder She Wrote

In 1984, Murder She Wrote hit t.v screens all across America and inspired a generation of mystery writers. Murder She Wrote ran from September 1984-1996 totaling 264 episodes and 12 seasons. The Show starred the legendary Angela Lansbury as Jessica Flecther a widowed and retired school teacher who became a successful mystery writer. The show takes place during the day-to-day life of Jessica Fletcher as she helps the police solve murders. By ” helping” I totally mean that Jessica Fletcher solves the murders while meddling in police investigations causing her tension with law enforcement in some episodes. Anglea Lansbury and the cast of Murder She Wrote created a memorable crime drama that I highly recommend to everyone.

Diagnosis Murder

Diagnosis Murder stars the incredibly talented Vick Van Dyke as Dr. Mark Solan a former MASH doctor who consults for the police department on occasion. Dr. Mark Solan cannot resist a good mystery and does everything that he can to help his friends. I cannot think of a modern show with the dynamic of the diagnosis of murder. It is a crime drama with elements of a family drama within it. Many of the cases involve his son, his boss, or his friends. It brings a delightful mix of comedy and drama that will prove good family fun for ages.

Hawaii 5-O

The original Hawaii 5-0 ran from 1968 to 1980 as a cop show with Jack Lyodd playing Steven McGarrett and Tim Okelly playing Danny Williams ” Danno.” The series is about detective Captain Steven McGarrett a former Navy officer who is appointed by the governor to lead a state-wide task force to deal with difficult cases. It is an interesting starting point and will give you all some background on the remake of the show.


Columbo is an American Crime Drama starring Peter Falk that is about an unusual Italian homicide detective working in the L. A Police Department. Columbo has 69 episodes ranging from about 70-98 minutes long. Columbo is depicted as an extremely intelligent individual who possesses amazing powers of observation that may surpass Sherlock Holmes. He wears the typical detective suit and trench coat, smokes cigars, and has an unhealthy obsession with chili. He often talks about his wife and has a beagle for a pet. He is the typical blue-collar detective and at first glance, he is quite ordinary. Columbo downplays his intelligence and allows other people to underestimate him at their own peril. The episodes in the series revolve around Columbo’s cases and often feature wealthy members of society who dismiss Columbo because of his often aimless behavior and mannerism.