Wayne is dating Marie from Quebec. Bonnie is less than thrilled. Marie-Fred is a spit fire. Daryl is still with Anik. Jonesy and Reilly make a bet with Dax and Ron about which duo can have more sex this summer. They are throwing a lot of hip? Whoa! Stewart looks so different with short hair! He and Roald are in a club with Gae.

Bush party! Not quite sure what that is. Gae, Stewart and Roald are still slinging drugs just not taking them. They are currently selling GHB with green food dye. Found out what throwing hip is! Sex! So a bush party is just that. A party in the bushes. The Mennonites are there and the girls get “taken down” by Reilly and Jonesy and Ron and Dax “take down” the guys. Fighting is had to re-establish who the toughest guy in Letterkenny is. Which Wayne wins of course.

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Roald call up Wayne then Daryl then Dan who hands the phone to Katy. He is scared for Stewart and Stewart won’t go home because he is a vigilante. Roald won’t leave without Stewart even though another dealer said he would kill Stewart. Katy has to bribe the guys to go excise Stewart from the situation. Why would Stewart want to go? There is a lot of kinky hip throwing going on. Wayne, Katy, Daryl and Squirrelly Dan make it to the city and get to the puppies to pet them. Then they go to the mall to eat and get Katy a new outfit. They get to the club where Gae, Stewart and Roald are. Turns out all they need to do is drive Stewart and Roald home because the girls in the club take care of the other drug dealers. Stewart and Gae must part ways once again.

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The two young Dycks, Chasity and Charity are missing. Anita Dyck and Noah Dyck are looking for their daughters who are partaking in Rumspringa. They, Anita and Noah Dyck want to bring their little Dycks home. Dan respects but hates the Mennonites. He apparently had a huge crush on Lovina Dyck. He was embarrassed in his youth in front of her and he thinks she rejected him because of that. Squirrelly Dan strikes a deal with the Dyck’s that he will bring home the little Dycks if he can see and speak with Lovina Dyck. Dan kept his word and so did Noah.

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It’s Summer Solstice in Letterkenny. There is of course a party to be had and traditions not to fuck with. The guys warn the girls (Katy and Marie-Fred) to steer clear of McMurray at the party especially if he’s shit faced. They (the guys) try to drop it from their but the girls won’t let sleeping dogs lie. So they impersonate McMurray when he is drunk. It is gross. Katy gets pissed off on Mrs. McMurray’s behalf. So tradition is 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes competition. No puking, peeing or passing out. Everyone does the 100 shots and no one is disqualified. Katy realizes she doesn’t need to be mad for Mrs. McMurray.

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There is trouble in paradise with Daryl and Anik. Dary hasn’t spoken to Anik in a bit and now found out about Anik’s racy Instagram account. Apparently the entire town has seen the photos way before Dary. Anik breaks up with Dary because he is too clingy. Her parting words were “Love is trust”. However Daryl does get to dance with Bonnie McMurray. Katy and Wayne have to sort out an issue. They end up at Mod3ans. Lovina Dyck also ends up at Mod3ans to see Squirrely Dan. Wayne wants to propose to Marie-Fred.

It’s Valentine’s Day in Letterkenny and Wayne hates the holiday. The matchmaker is back. Wayne declines from taking part in the speed dating event. At the event is of course Katy, Dan and Dary. Also attending is Jonesy and Reilly who are healed from their first ever STD. I stand corrected. Reilly and Jonesy have the clap again. They took down the same girl. Ron and Dax are there as is Roald and Gail. The Coach is there which is interesting for everyone. The matchmaker is going absolutely nucking futs with the lot of them. Wayne heads to Mod3ans where he encounters Glen who is tending bar so Gail can speed date and Stewart. They surprising find some common ground. I think Roald really want to get smashed by Dax and Ron. Squirrelly Dan made Valentine’s Day cards for everyone. They are a hit.

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Best lines from season 6

I haven’t seen that nutsac in the longest time.

Between us girls? (being said between Wayne and Daryl)

That may have been the softest thing you ever said Dary

He should have been DQ’d like a chocolate dipped cone.

Here I stand. Dyckless.

I bet you got them hid under a spare roll of toilet paper in the bathroom stall as usual.