Episode 3 of DC Titans comes out swinging hard, which it needed to after the first two episodes. The build-up towards the forming of Titans, Rachels powers, Dick’s motivations, and Starfire’s past reach a climax in “Origins.” The result, however, is a combination of intensely good moments — and super lousy ones.

While the good in Titans “Origins,” outweighs the bad, it leaves us to question how the rest of the season will progress. The series needs to establish a consistent storyline, along with allowing its characters to flourish more. Episode 3 proved to be a mashed-up bowl of things we love and junk we could’ve done without. And if this formula continues, it could lead to audiences bailing on the season prior to its completion.

Spoilers Ahead! Enter At Your Own Risk.

Full non-spoiler review of Titans, episodes 1-3. 

Synopsis of Titans Episode 3 “Origins”

“Origins” begins with Rachel being kidnapped after Grayson, Hawk, and Dove are ambushed by the generic villains. Starfire also happens to be there but does nothing. Instead, she follows Rachel and her kidnappers until they pull over for gas and bathroom breaks. Starfire takes advantage of the group splitting up and rescues Rachel.

Meanwhile, Grayson is having flashbacks into his childhood past while tracking down Rachel. Dove is alive (barely) and Hawk is watching over her vigilantly at the hospital. The villain’s motives are finally revealed in using Rachel to access her super-villainous daddy, Trigon. Raven needs to give her permission for Trigon to access Earth, turning the planet into a hell-hole of destruction and chaos. Somehow, the generic villains believe they can make this happen.

Rachel and Starfire end up at a convent which played a part in Rachel’s childhood. Starfire found out about the church via raiding Rachel’s old home and taking out several cops in the process. Eventually, Grayson catches up and Beast Boy finally gets a few lines before being left in the dust. The convent believes they can restrain Rachel (doing so in secret) while Grayson and Starfire stumble onto Starfire’s “base” containing theories about who Rachel is and what Starfire’s been up to prior to losing her memory.

The end of Titans “Origins” gives audiences a first-hand glimpse of the battle between Rachel’s dark side and her human self, resulting in half the church convent being blown to smithereens. The last image we have is of Rachel, once again on the run, alone.

Problems In Titans “Origins”

The biggest issue plaguing Titans is Rachel’s character. It’s difficult to say if all the blame can be put on Teagan Croft. But her acting choices certainly play a major part in her Rachel’s lack of depth and emotion. The issues with Raven’s character also stem from direction and poor dialog.  At times Rachel is a typical teenager, then helpless and confused, followed by having a snarky attitude typically associated with confidence. In other words, her character is a hot mess, and it’s becoming a distraction to the Titans series.

Starfire showing up in Washington DC is never explained, so we’re guessing it’s an alien ability she tapped into?  And the villain monologue in the middle of “Origins” was super painful to sit through. The fact that he didn’t even mention Trigon by name makes it even worse.

Overall, episode 3 of Titans is choppy, contains plot-holes, and still lacks character development (with the exception of Dick Grayson).

The Good Parts Of “Origins”

Creating multiple flashbacks into Dick Grayson’s childhood made “Origins” feel choppy (considering everything else going on), but it was cool to see Titans take on Grayson living with Bruce Wayne. Having Dick walk into his room for the first time and see an entire department store of clothing in the closet was priceless. Such a typical Bruce Wayne move. Likewise, having Wayne watch Grayson figure things out from the shadows, is exactly how Batman would handle such a situation.

Moving onto Starfire, she’s starting to become the best character in the series so far. Her bad-ass fireball moves in conjunction with the diner scene show how cool her character can be. But like Rachel, there’s still a lack of depth and emotion, making it hard for audiences to connect with her.

One of the saddest moments in Titans “Origins” was witnessing a broken Hawk sitting by Dove as she clings onto life. Unable to say or do anything, he simply stays by her side — patiently waiting for her to recover, while protecting Dawn from anything and anyone.

Lastly, Beast Boy finally gets a few lines in “Origins” and the scene between him and Rachel happened to be one of the best in episode 3. Sadly, it didn’t last long. If our predictions are correct, Beast Boy will play a major role in episode 4 of Titans, or so we hope.

DC Titans Episode 3 “Origins” Score: 3.25 out of 5 Stars.

Visual: 2.5

Dialog: 3

Story: 3.5

Action: 4.25

What are your impressions of Titans “Origins?” Is the show worth continuing, or is it time to throw in the towel? Let us know in the comments!