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There’s an exclusive fashion show at the local nursing home; somehow, Anna and Maya make it in, but feelings of inadequacy lead them down a shady path.


Thongs. Either you love them, or you hate them. Me personally, I’m not a fan, but Maya and Anna fell in love. They quite literally got into a fight, because of a thong. This episode gave you that insight into wanting to be one of the cool kids. Maya and Anna’s class have to participate in community service, and what intrigued the girls, was hanging out with Heather, who is one of the cool kids, and putting on a fashion show in a nursing home. Of course, they have several set backs, like trying to compete with the popular girls, when it came to having to turn in a headshot to Heather’s mother. Heather and her friends got their pictures professionally taken, and then there was Maya and Anna’s photos. They gave it their best shot, and they really weren’t that bad, but they weren’t even close to reaching popular status. For the fashion show, the girls were told that they were going to be showing off Heather’s mother’s hats, that she had designed herself. The hats definitely screamed 2000’s chic, with a lot of bedazzling, but they were nothing to gawk over.

The juicy part of episode, reveals that Heather wears thongs, and when the popular girls go to visit Heather’s grandma, Maya and Anna are alone, and steal Heather’s thong. For the rest of the week, the girls do a 180, and feel this burst of self-confidence. It’s so funny, because it’s like this thong is magical to Maya and Anna. It’s like a right of passage to womanhood and they feel like they’ve matured and have gotten better looking because of it. We see that Maya thinks her butt looks great in the mirror and that Anna thinks her boobs have grown overnight. They make the school hallways their runway, and they literally strut down the hall. What grossed me out, was that they were sharing the thong. I’m hoping they washed it, but still. I don’t even think I would do that with my friends.

At some point, Heather realizes that her thong is missing, and tries to get it back from the group. Maya and Anna decide not to give it back, and Heather’s friend, Becca, decides that she’s going to take matters into her own hands. She knows that either Maya or Anna have it, so she has the idea to de-pants both of them, while they are walking down the runway. I loved this moment, because de-pantsing is such a childish thing to do, but I’ve done it to my own sister, and I’m sure other people have done it too at some point. It came out of nowhere at first, when she de-pantsed Anna, but when she got backstage, she told Maya what to expect. Maya cracked me up, because she created this walk, where she was holding onto her pants, and was walking with her legs tightly together. She had a good idea, because Becca couldn’t get her pants down, and she was determined to find the culprit. So in the end, the thong was never returned, but it wasn’t over. Maya and Anna started fighting over it, and finally Anna literally ripped them off of Maya. It looked like it hurt, and Maya, in her usual fashion, had a tantrum, like a little kid. Thankfully, she threw them away and the two patched things over. Who knew a thong could cause so much happiness, and so much despair.