This season of You’re the Worst has felt a little off to me. While the episodes have been funny and enjoyable, and it’s still a better show than many comedies on TV (or dramas for that matter!), it has felt a bit aimless, especially considering the fact that we’re 9 episodes into a 13 episode season. Which is why I was both perplexed and a bit disappointed that showrunner Stephen Falk opted to spend an entire episode with two of the smaller players on the show – Paul and Vernon – the spouses of Lindsay and her sister Becca. Falk seems to be the king of the bottle episode – he’s featured an episode entirely from Gretchen’s perspective, an episode from Edgar’s perspective, and now an episode featuring only Paul and Vernon, who get stranded on the way home from purchasing a bassinet for Vernon and Becca’s baby.

After Vernon purposefully fills the car with diesel instead of regular (because he wants to delay going home) the two break down in a remote area and almost immediately get lost in the woods looking for water. What follows is a night in which the two men bond over their equally terrible relationships. Paul explains the dynamics of he and Lindsay’s fetish, while Vernon admits that he would rather break down on the side of the road than go home to Becca. After the two commiserate and decide that they’re going to reclaim their manhood, Vernon comes up with a half-cocked plan to escape to Mexico. They’re both unhappy, he reasons, so why not just leave?

Vernon has all but convinced Paul to go with him when they are rescued the next morning. But in the end, he can’t do it. He wants to be a father, Paul explains. He doesn’t want his child to hate him the way Jimmy hated his own father before he died. Vernon has second thoughts of his own, and they head back to L.A. together. Oh, and the bassinet that started this whole mess? Yeah, it got stolen while Vernon and Paul were hanging out in the woods.

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