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Episode synopsis:

“Oliver and Thea are shocked to hear that Roy Harper is back in Star City. However, when they discover the circumstances of Roy’s return, Oliver and Thea realize that Roy is in trouble and jump in to save him. Black Siren makes a shocking decision.” – the CW

I have very high hopes for this episode. Last week’s wasn’t very good but Roy being back makes me excited. So, here we go.

The episode opens with Ollie’s lawyer giving him some great news. She can get the case against him dismissed.  All the DA’s evidence came from a known criminal, so it shouldn’t be taken as fact.

Earth-2 Laurel just showed up at SCPD claiming to be Earth-1 Laurel, I called it. She claims to have been held in a cell for 2 years by Damien Darhk. An awkward reunion ensues. Conveniently, Laurel’s stolen money is missing and she refuses to rat out who killed Cayden James. She also won’t rat out Oliver for being the Green Arrow if they all vouch for her as the real Laurel Lance.

The new police chief wants to hold a police auction to help raise some money since there isn’t any to pay the officers with. But I don’t trust her because she is in Diaz’s pocket. And Dinah just called dibs on the Laurel case.

Rene’s still in the hospital and Curtis is babysitting.

Uh, oh the DA has another witness and it’s Roy Harper. Glad he is back; not glad he is testifying against Oliver. Time for Team Arrow to find Roy and see what the heck is going on.

At the hospital Laurel’s been kidnapped by Diaz. Anatoly is still in cahoots with Diaz.

Ollie and Diggle tracked Roy to a safe house and a plan to break him out is being put into effect. Thea is suiting up for this one.

So, Roy is being tortured into testifying by crooked cops. Thea and Roy share a passionate kiss unfortunately before they can escape together the cops come back. Thea refuses to leave without Roy so, Oliver shoots here with an arrow that ties her up and pulls her out the window. Thea isn’t too happy.

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The cats out of the bag. Team Arrow now knows Diaz is the puppet master. No one in the police force can be trusted. Ollie lets Quentin and Dinah into the fold.

Diaz is assembling a team, a “family” and he isn’t so happy Laurel betrayed the family. He got his money back and more but Laurel shouldn’t have taken it.

Team Arrow makes their second attempt to break Roy out. It was a fake out though. When they thought he was being transferred he was with Diaz.

Side note John wants the hood back, been asking everyone, Ollie, Felicity.

Diaz is going to try something else instead of torture to get Roy to testify. He threatens Thea’s life instead of Roy’s.

Dinah and Quentin are having a “let’s find the crooked cops party” when Laurel crashes it to talk about Diaz.

Thea is clearly upset and Oliver knows. When they get Roy back which they will he wants Thea to go with him, wherever he may go.

The rest of Team Arrow joins the party with Dinah and the Lances. If Laurel is going to start being Laurel she needs to start acting like it so, she’s giving up Roy’s location. But can they trust here? Is it a trap? Dinah wants to help but Ollie doesn’t trust her, so, that’s a no.

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Right now, it doesn’t look like a trap. Fighting ensues. Meanwhile a crooked police officer calls for more officers. Speedy and Green Arrow throw down with Diaz. Thea and Roy flee, the police show up and Ollie dips. Team Arrow plus Roy reconvenes back at the cave.

Thanks to the good intel Ollie is going to give Laurel a chance. Maybe she really did turn over a new lead, never mind Diaz just texted her and said, “good work.”

Thea and Roy do the nasty and some League of Assassins chick spies on them and says she found the heir to Ra’s al Ghul.

Decent episode, really would’ve liked more Roy though. Maybe he’ll stick around for a bit.

Arrow is taking another break until the 29th. See you in two weeks.