If you are one of the people that hasn’t re-watched the finale of Season 1 since the end of the last season, I suggest a refresher ( you can read my review here) before we move on.

***This post contains major spoilers for episode 2×1 of Krypton, “Light-Years From Home.” ***

6 months after Brainiac and Seg were sent to the Phantom zone, the citizens of Krypton gather to watch as Zod vows to make Krypton great again through military exceptionalism.

Meanwhile, 6 months after seeing his home world taken over by Zod, Adam Strange is back on Krypton. Adam runs out of Zods announcement and is taken in by Mama Zed, fearing he would be captured by the Saggitari. There we meet Nyssa, Kor-Vex (her and Segs son), and the real Val-El back from the Phantom Zone. The resistance tries to come up with a plan to bring back Seg from the Phantom Zone even with the Phantom Zone projector being destroyed last season in the finale.

In the Phantom Zone, a bearded Seg sees Zod choking Lyta and asks for help to break free from the Phantom Zone. Later, Seg sees Val (as a projection in his own mind). Val lectures him about finding the right wormhole and using the sun stone to break free. Seg uses the sun stone to “Pierce the veil,” and finally frees himself from the Phantom Zone. However, before he sets him free Braniac appears and tells him, “well done.”

Lyta interrogates a woman named Raiko trying to find out where Doomsday is and where the body of her mother Jayna is. However the woman does not know where either are. Lyta enters the woman into somatic reconditioning, where she is to forget who she is and become a new person. Zod’s plan is to unleash Doomsday on any planet that he believes is a threat to take over Krypton.

Seg wakes up on Braniacs home planet, Colu, which is inhabitable. Braniac tells Seg that he would have left him in the Phantom Zone but he needed the sun stone to escape. Braniac however wasn’t the one who was responsible for seeing the vision of Zod choking out his mother.

Seg and Braniac land on Colu (Courtesy of SyFy)

Val and Adam need to stop Zod on Wegthor but only Adam thinks that the best way to stop it is to find Seg. Adam wants to use the zeta-beam device to find Seg but Val says he will simply scatter himself into space if he does it.

On Colu, Seg is extremely dehydrated and Braniac is the one to point out he needs to conserve his energy. Braniac tells him about his planet being a technological marvel and how he knows how Seg must feel about his own planets eventual destruction.

Nyssa is on a search to find herself through her father. After finding out she was a clone, she takes her son and leaves on a skimmer to find him. She finds him working in the sewers in the place he despised the most (his real home planet of Borok). It’s there we find how Daron-Vex manipulated his way to the top through her mother. Nyssa doesn’t want to hear her fathers apologies she wants answers. Seconds later, Lyta pops in to blast ole Daron-Vex, before he can give her any answers. Lyta brings Nyssa back to the sagitari and Zod has her baby. Zod tells her to stop the resistance to get her son back, if not he will raise the baby himself.

The sagitari figure out where the resistance is and shoot Mama Zed in the back of the head. Adam luckily enough takes his zeta-beam and gets out of there. Val who wasn’t there, gets on a ship to Wegthor.

Adam lands on Colu where Seg had just killed Braniac and is going a little mad. However Seg is really happy to see Adam. Adam has some bad news for Seg, that they didn’t “exactly” win, because his home town was taken over. Adam tells Seg of Zods ruling over Krypton and his son Kor-Vex. Seg gets mad at Adam for coming in half-cocked without a true plan.

Seg finally defeats Braniac (Courtesy of SyFy)

In order to get back to Krytpon, Adam needs to get to higher ground to get his zeta-beam working. This is where they meet Lobo. Lobo knocks the two out and asks them who the heck they are and why are they on this crap hole before tying them up with a chain.


“Light-Years From Home,” was a great start to the sophomore show, that starts fast and furious compared to the beginning of the last season while giving us some interesting plot threads that we will see throughout the season.

I thought Seg spent the perfect amount of time in the Phantom Zone throughout the episode, while also giving us a future plot of Zod killing Lyta (which could change everything).

Adam came back this season new and improved like his Zeta-beam and I’m glad they focused a lot of the first episode with him. It was a great moment seeing Seg and Adam actually caring about one another after their split at the end of the last season.

While Zods plan to terra form other planets is taken right out of Man of Steel, the inclusion of Doomsday to this scenario makes Zod extra scary if he can ever find the monster.

Finally, the first live-action appearance of Lobo! It might have only been about a minute but Emmett Scanlan gave us a nice performance and enough scenery to chew that makes us excited to see him throughout the rest of the season.

Finally, Lobo makes his first live action appearance (Courtesy of SyFy)

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