It’s a good thing sometimes you do get a second chance, like for instance when you and your buddies dress up in your best costume to try to impress a girl and fail miserably, like above. Photo Credit: Arrow/CW

Oliver is very committed to adding to the team with a replacement for Black Canary. We see an update early about the lady we saw at the bar and the tail end of the last episode. It turns out that the person’s name is Tina and she was a cop. During the time in Central City at Star Labs Tina was captured by a group of thugs with her partner. The thugs were going to kill Tina’s partner and Tina was screaming while the particle accelerator exploded which gave her the powers.

Oliver and team were looking for potential replacement leads and Oliver was shooting down all prospects left and right for one reason or another, until Curtis thinks he has found a lead on someone who is currently in Hub City with similar powers that Laurel had thanks to chat rooms. The team goes to Hub City to find who they know as Tina and the initial meeting was a failure as seen above. She didn’t want anything to do with them and dress up time.

Oliver, Rene, and Curtis are at a diner trying to figure out their next move, after doing some research is when they finally know who she is and are able to call a cop friend to get some information, she left her police job after her partners death nearly 3 years ago. With that information and Curtis hacking into the video cameras around town he was able to track her likely location where Wild Dog and Arrow went to go track down, where they get in as she is torturing someone. She uses her voice power to knock back Arrow but Wild Dog is able to use the sonic dampener to counter her powers. Arrow tries to convince her not to kill the prisoner but she does and escapes while other attackers attack the apartment.

Oliver, Curtis and Wild Dog go to the diner again and eat to formulate yet another plan. Wild Dog is eating like a five patty burger, totally insane. After getting more information about her target Sonis, they find out he is running drugs after the death of Church and invading his former territory and he has something called “Slide” which is a  drug that gets young people addicted quick and slides them into harder drugs. Tina is able to track down Sonis, as Arrow does, Tina didn’t know that Sonis is also a meta and has powers that counteract hers, Arrow is able to save Tina at the last second.


I don’t believe you. Photo Credit: Arrow/CW

Oliver tries to reason with Tina without a mask, she doesn’t seem very open to it at first but does decide to join them for this one battle to take him down and get the drugs off the streets. Wild Dog is available for support for Tina as Arrow is trying to take out the helicopter giving air support. After a wild battle, and why nobody shot Arrow as he was hanging from a line from the helicopter I’ll never know, Tina is face to face with Sonis. Arrow tells Tina that she doesn’t have to kill him, and asks what her partner would want, and Tina fills Sonis with bullets and says that is what he would want. She leaves and Wild Dog wanted to go after her but Arrow says to just let her go.

Later back at the mayor’s office Tina pays Oliver a visit to tell him that she thought she would feel different after everything but she doesn’t, and she doesn’t understand how he lives with all the pain. They talk about life and second chances, and how that she might be his second chance and that her real name is Dina Drake and doesn’t want to be alone and wants to join the team.

The side story that was unfolding was some progress was being made with getting John Diggle out of jail, Felicity was digging through Government files looking for information that will implicate Sargent Walker. After doing some digging someone recognizes her on the boards as a great hactivist and wants to meet her in real life. She turned out to be a long time fan and is part of a group called Helix that has information that will free Diggle, and put Walker away, while also giving her information to do more good in the world. Helix wants Felicity to be the great leader she once was. With this anonymous information making its way to the police John Diggle is able to get out on bail.