Who is your favorite 6 to 11 year old boy in an animated television show, for us there is no other option then K.O.. “OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes” came out with a new episode, “Plaza Alone”, where audiences got to watch the heroic trio (K.O., Enid and Rad) celebrate the day he was born. Though it was released on the Cartoon Network app before airing on television please be sure to support the show.

First off, it was obvious someone new did the art for Carols character as her style (in terms of overall appearance not the outfit) had changed. The difference was in her eyes but it really made a cute effect which was interesting as it contrasted her tough, wise mom persona to reveal her bubbly side. Fans of the show who have had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the content, know that the creators of the show utilize comedic faces much to our delight (simple but effective for a genuine laugh). Moving on, the whole episode was centered around the fact that it was K.O.’s birthday. According to show creator, Ian Jones Quartey, K.O.’s character never truly ages and we are not sure if this is a form a satire or other comedic utility but we thought it was an interesting fact.

We loved how the writers always manage to bring Enid’s past as a witch into the present story-line. The characters are built on their past experiences and this always follows them, and to an extent, including the present in each episode. There is also a fun little gag referencing one of the earlier episodes where the trio turn into were-creatures.

As a quick summary, K.O. celebrates his 6th to 11th birthday in this episode. He wants to spend the whole day with his friends Enid and Rad (who completely forgot that that day was his birthday) at the plaza. Once they arrive, they find the entire plaza barren and decide to take advantage of the situation. At first this weird occurrence is overlooked and they all appear to have fun but the day quickly takes a turn. K.O. admits he made a wish that may be responsible for everyone’s disappearance. Enid, with her background in magic, confirms that this is indeed a possibility. There are a few minutes of interesting imagery given before it is revealed that this was a surprise party that Enid and Rad didn’t know about.

Like usual, the cute, comedic visuals were the highlight of the show which compelled one to keep watching. While there was some interesting info regarding the K.O. universe, this episode didn’t really have anything necessary for any future plot developments as far as we could tell. Unfortunately, the low point of the episode was the long sequence of interesting visuals. Despite being well executed, it just felt to long given the programs length.

Thank you for reading and if you want to see more reviews and theories regarding OK K.O. then be sure to leave a like or comment below. We truly enjoy the show and the recently released episodes have been a delight we hope you have been able to experience as well. Be sure to look out for more of our content and have an epic season.