Yes, we hit the inevitable point in a season where an episode just doesn’t land well for us and we are calling this episode a lackluster bore. After all the drama and intrigue of the past few episodes, this one followed Michael after he discovers Cordelia and her Coven torched his allies. That should come with intrigue and a spark to start the dramatic ending…. but besides a slightly tense face to face with Cordelia we were left out in the cold.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse – FX

Michael goes on a 4-day bender in the woods “praying to his father” in a self-made pentagram. The whole thing feels like a poor man’s version of Jesus’ 40 days fasting in the desert, except Michael cracks and starts hallucinating angels, Fanta, and murders Black Philip. So someone came off as a joke of an antichrist here, sorry. Things get marginally more interesting when he finds his way into the city and in the middle of a satanist church service lead by Sandra Bernhard. So a typical Tuesday!

He meets a new friend that takes him in and feeds him, who he then learns sold her soul for riches and a roll in the hay with Ryan Reynolds. She then introduces him at the next service like the one they’d all been waiting for and he takes that weeks double sacrifice but gets a little fed up by the fawning over him happening at the satanist potluck. We also get annoyed when people keep asking us to lead them and expect a decent plan. So this was all too relatable. But his new friend reveals to him an underground network of people that have sold their souls and she drives him to meet the engineers that create his new robotic Ms. Meade!

AHS: Apocalypse – FX

So Billy and Evan get more roles and play the most obnoxious dumb and dumber versions of tech geniuses with terrible haircuts and too much cocaine. We do get to see Sarah Paulson reprise her role of Ms. Venable (and watch her bully an intern and pull a “bitch I am the [manager]”). Correcting the annoying easy acceptance we’d had that everyone just accepts Michael’s story about his identity — when Michael flashes his mark of the beast, the cooperative wants more proof and he makes their blowjob employee burst into flames, which sells them. They create his Ms. Meade and we get a full circle explanation on the show’s first few episodes– except why they collected Timothy and Emily because of their DNA? What was their purpose and he just allowed them to die? Our guess is they are some type of new Adam and Eve that he will revive and put into this new sanctuary we still haven’t seen or gotten any hints about. So until next time, where we hope things spice up as we turn towards the finale.

AHS: Apocalypse – FX

Some seem to be speculating that season 9 may be a direct sequel season, sighting seasons 8 and 9 being renewed at the same time and the lack of exposition this season. Some don’t believe that Apocalypse can answer all of its unanswered questions or reach a satisfying end in the final 2 episodes. We think they underestimate the show writers’ abilities and they must not remember how much ground Coven was able to cover and abridge….so we don’t foresee a direct two-season storyline but we wouldn’t complain.