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This post contains major spoilers for episode 1×10 of Krypton, “The Phantom Zone.”

Braniac’s attack is finally here. As Braniac’s ship eerily comes down over Kandor, Dru-Zod down on the ground needs Seg to take him to the Fortress.

A flashback to Val-El’s death 14 cycles ago shows us that Val-El actually survived the fall as he sent himself to the Phantom Zone, right before he hit the ground.

At the Fortress, Dru-Zod comes forthright that Val is in fact alive as he met him before in the Phantom Zone. When asked why Val didn’t come back, Zod explains that he took the device from Val and left him trapped in the Phantom Zone. However, Val has the knowledge they need on Braniac and Zod uses the Phantom Projector to bring him back. Val and Seg have a moment before Val tells the gang that there’s no stopping Braniac.

Over top of Kandor, Braniac tells the people of Kandor that “today is the first day of your eternal life,” as his ship builds a wall over top of the city, freezing the people in their tracks. Val explains to us that the people trapped inside have their complete conscience-ness and cannot move. As Val is explaining, Adam Strange is seen walking through the a city looking at the frozen in place people.

Lyta and Dru-Zod want to go to the Cythonite’s and make them tell them where Doomsday is but Val informs them that the one time he’s seen Doomsday released on Braniac was the worst future he’s seen.

Lyta goes to Saggitari and asks for there help in the fight while convincing them with a fiery speech. Nyssa on the other-hand goes to the codex to get her and Seg’s unborn child. As she is leaving she is stopped by Jax-Ur who informs her that she doesn’t get to just simply leave, her and her father have done so much wrong, she doesn’t deserve it. The leader of Black Zero goes on to inform her that the real Nyssa is in fact dead (she died with her mother in a skimmer crash) and her father used the codex technology to make a clone of her. Daron used the technology also to turn people’s bodies into shells and rip them from their consciousness.

Dev tells Lyta that her mother would be proud of her for that speech but Lyta is emotional over the situation with having to shoot her mom to save her son Dru, in the last episode. She tells him that she feels really bad over her betrayal of her mom because her mom went against everything she believed in to save her because she loved her.

Zod goes directly to Braniac and offer’s up Val because of his knowledge of the future. Zod knows Braniac’s next move is to retrieve some fancy technology and can promise he get’s it return Zod will rule Krypton. Braniac reads his mind and see’s his offer is sincere and agrees.

Meanwhile, Val tells Seg that he has to kill him because Braniac cannot get his knowledge of the future.

Braniac makes his way into the Fortress as Seg holds a gun to Val’s head. Braniac doesn’t believe he’ll shoot him and telepathically sends him flying across the room. Braniac reiterates that he doesn’t believe he’ll shoot him because it’s a hologram, while actually it was Seg’s plan to get Braniac in that spot so he can send him into the Phantom Zone. As Braniac is flying into the Phantom Zone, Braniac grabs Seg and brings him in there with him. Superman’s cape that had been dwindling is also restored to it’s original length. However, the Superman sigil is replaced by the Zod sigil as Zod is now the ruler of Krypton. Zod then destroys the Phantom Projector console preventing them from the chance of Braniac returning.

With Braniac now in the Phantom Zone, the day has been saved, for now, and the paralyzed people of Kandor awake as the walls are freed around them.

One month later, a crazed and intense Zod gives a passionate speech to his soldiers about restoring Krypton to its glory. After telling everyone to kneel before him, Lyta and Dev look at each other, like what we have we just done. On Earth, Adam is trapped and notices everything going on around him, meaning he knows the timeline has changed, also a statue of Zod goes up in Superman’s wake.

In the closing seconds, Doomsday is finally breaking free from his cage and he looks….very mad.

That’s it for season one, season two will be back in 2019!


Krypton’s finale was a great end to a mostly good first season that set’s up a lot to play with for season 2. While the day was ultimately saved, Doomsday is now about to be unleashed on Kandor and Braniac is still alive and i’m sure he’ll be back in Kandor sometime soon. While the first season took it’s time to build itself resulting in some uneven pacing through the first 5 episodes, Krypton really pumped up the stakes and its quality improved over the final 5 episodes.

I’m really glad that Krypton didn’t kill off Braniac which allows him to be a recurring villian in the show from here on out. Braniac was superbly brought to life by actor Blake Ritson and it would have been a shame to see him go so soon in the show’s development.

Other story lines that will continue throughout season 2 will be that of Nyssa and Seg’s baby, the clone’s that Daron was experimenting with, and what happened to Jayna and Adam?

With Seg stuck in the Phantom Zone, i’m interested to see how long (episode wise) Seg (and Braniac) will last in there. With the Phantom Zone in play it set’s up a big part of the Superman mythos, it would be a shame if they didn’t atleast spend more than one episode (cough cough Flashpoint) in the prison at the beginning of the next season.

That’s it for the season everyone, hope to see you back when Krypton returns in 2019!