Fear the Walking Dead brought the heat for the first episode, I think the second episode took a step back. It was a slow build, the big saving grace was the return of Daniel Salazar, and on a smaller scale the appearance of a new character, Grace.

Let’s start with Daniel Salazar, he has his own sort of compound I guess, and from what we can tell he is there by himself and a cat. Strand, shockingly to Daniel, was telling the truth the entire time about every aspect of his story. How he was left behind from the rest, we can assume he is serious in his story of having to clear the runway for the others, but he was telling the truth that Madison and Nick are gone but Alicia remains, and that they have other friends stranded who needs help. With one of Daniel’s long range radio’s they were able to get in contact with Luciana to confirm his story to Daniel. Daniel believed Strand at the end, but he still refuses to help Strand because he says that Strand always makes things worse when he helps people, and that Alicia is resourceful like her mother was and she will find her way back. Lastly if Strand ever comes back he will be shot in the face. Is this the last we have seen of Salazar, or for awhile? Daniel didn’t make it sound like he wanted to be found, he seems to be doing quite alright on his own.

Morgan and Alicia were the first to meet up with Grace, by accident, the pair were looking for Althea and came across another roadblock with radiation signs on them. Alicia notices one of the trucks was still warm and a nearby whole in the fence so they go looking.

Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

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Morgan stumbles upon these two, and he gets caught and then he ends up meeting Grace.


Hi I just met you, but I’m taking your stick. Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Grace, used to work at some factory, making power, she didn’t realize it was all a lost cause as eventually nobody would need the power they were generating, and after awhile she had called in all her employees and families. Things didn’t end well and she was the only survivor of around 64. She spends her time trying to kill the radioactive walkers because she couldn’t save them while they were alive. She has tried to keep them contained with fences and distractions to kill and dispose of them properly. Morgan and Alicia helps Grace with walkers by the plane crash. Meanwhile John and June found a large group of them at some sort of summer camp, while looking for Al, and then the kids after thinking they found a lead. Grace went to check that out with Morgan and Alicia, it turns out that around half of the infected walkers were there, along with some others that seemed to be affected by proximity.

After making radio contact with Strand, Luciana had the long range antenna knocked out at the truck stop, went to investigate and had a lot of walkers close in on her. She had to rush back inside and passed out, when the others arrived later on she wondered where all the walkers went. Well some group chopped off all of the walkers heads and hung them from a big billboard. The big threat in the area is still just around the corner.