Supergirl Title Card

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I watched this season of Supergirl in two parts. My wife and I started watching it at the beginning of the season on the CW app. We don’t have cable so we were watching it on the app after the premiere. She’s in school so we eventually got too far behind and had to complete the remainder of the season this past week on Netflix.

The break was actually needed. The first half of the season was intense, but not necessarily in a good way. I felt like the story was beating us over the head with politics specifically the American immigration issue and having the aliens represent undesirable “roaches”, while Supergirl/Kara had to deal with being the “model minority”. It’s greats for creating conversation and debate, but at times I felt it was a little heavy handed.

The episode where we see how Ben Lockwood become Agent Liberty is great. I always love a villain origin story, especially when the writers are able to create sympathy and better yet empathy with the character. His arc was good though at times felt disjointed and meteoric (though that becomes clear why later in the season).

Bringing in Manchester Black as an anti-hero also give us an interesting an complex character to dig our teeth into. Someone that is fighting for similar goals as Supergirl, but with very different tactics and motives.

Unlike last season where Reign was the primary villain from beginning to end, we come to learn in the last third of the season that Lex Luthor has been involved in various ways of what has transpired over the season. I have to say, I LOVE JOHN CRYER as Lex. I was not sure when I saw that he was cast in the role, but he does a great job. I also love the odes to the Christopher Reeve Superman movies with Otis and Tessmacher. His introduction makes the wait for the Red Daughter story line worth it, though the end of that story line fizzled.

I would recommend catching up on this season on Netflix if you missed. I will warn you that it will feel a little like switching back and forth between CNN and FoxNews for the first half of the season, but if you can deal with that there are great arcs for J’onn (Martian Manhunter), Alex, and Lena. We are also introduce to a new hero in Dreamer, which also represents the first trans superhero character in this medium.