Episode Synopsis:

Corporate bureaucracy and simmering anger work against Caputo’s efforts to keep a sensitive situation under control.

The Inmates:

Goodbye Poussey

In the finale episode, we got
to have one last look at Poussey’s life before heading to jail, and it was
filled with happiness. Poussey is leaving soon for Europe, but goes on an
outing with her friends in NYC. They’ve come to see The Roots and have a good
time. When they arrive at a club that night, they realize within a few minutes
that the band that is performing, isn’t The Roots, it’s actually spelled, The
Rootz. The friends try to have fun anyways, but things change when Poussey’s phone
gets taken. She chases after the guy, but eventually gives up. Poussey then
realizes that she’s lost, and tries to ask for directions or someone’s phone to
call her friends. She ends up meeting two drag queens, and they’re willing to
help her, but on one condition. She has to hang out with them and meet their
other friend. Poussey agrees, and they head over to another club. They start
having a great time, and Poussey is having the time of her life. Afterwards,
she gets in contact with her friend, and heads for the subway. After she gets
off, she runs into a group of monks on bicycles, and they graciously give her a
ride to her destination. They end up taking a detour to the river, and Poussey
hangs out with the guys. She finds out from one of them that they’re actually
taking part in the group Improv Everywhere. Towards the end of the episode, we
are left with a smiling Poussey, loving life, and enjoying her time in the Big
Apple. Even though her life ended too soon, we got to see see Poussey one last
time on a high note.

Cover up

Yet again, we see how shady
MCC truly is and what they’re willing to do to make themselves seem like the
good guys. In the cafeteria, Piscatella and Caputo discuss what to do with
Poussey’s body and how to deal with the incident. In true Piscatella fashion,
he tells Caputo to tell MCC that Poussey was violent. He also doesn’t want the
incident to reflect that race was involved.
Flabbergasted, Caputo tells Piscatella to go home and threatens him by
saying that he has secret information about him that he’ll leak out, if he
doesn’t cooperate. Caputo standing up to Piscatella, made me so happy because
Piscatella has been pushing Caputo around for the majority of the season, so
thank god Caputo fought back. Also, dealing with the incident, was Bayley.
Caputo goes over and talks with him and Bayley reveals that he doesn’t know
that Poussey is dead. That just broke my heart to see because Caputo had to
deliver the news to him. Going back to his office, Caputo tries to get someone
over to take Poussey’s body, but they never come. Eventually, Bayley starts
gearing up to go home, and runs into Piper. He tells her that he didn’t mean to
kill Poussey, and that the wants to apologize to her friends, but Piper
interrupts and says that it’s too soon. Everyone is still grieving, and it
wouldn’t be the best idea. On that note, Bayley gets driven home by one of the
other guards, and is told to move on. I’m not sure Bayley will be able to move
on. He’s this young kid and he’ll probably regret the incident for the rest of
his life. I just hope he doesn’t do anything rash. The next morning, Caputo
returns to MCC, and finds out that they’re trying to find an angle, where
Poussey comes off as a violent criminal. Again, Caputo gets angry, and says
that he wants to tell truth. To gain more insight into the incident, Caputo
returns to Litchfield, and asks the guards what they saw that night. All of
them say the same thing; Poussey had a knife, and charged after Bayley. Without
a doubt, Piscatella probably told the guards to say the same thing, and make it
seem like Poussey was a violent criminal. Afterwards, Caputo goes to his office
and asks Taystee the same thing. She of course defends her friend and when
Caputo tries to apologize to her, she gets angry about it. Returning to MCC,
Caputo learns this time, that now, they’re trying to make Bayley seem like the
bad guy because they couldn’t find enough evidence to show that Poussey was aggressive.
They’re going to make Bayley seem like a villain. Towards the end of the
episode, Caputo has to make a statement on the news about the event. He finally
calls Poussey’s father before going on air, and while making his speech, he
decides to go off book. He reveals the truth, and we get some snippets that
Aleida and Healy are watching from their new homes. I’m just wondering how
Litchfield is going to move forward, now that an inmate has been killed. Since
they’re suppose to be getting even more inmates into the facility, will
that plan move forward? And if it does, how will the inmates feel about being
in an unsafe environment?


After returning to their
dorms, Taystee is demanding to know more information about what is happening to
Poussey’s body. Of course, no information is revealed, so she is just reeling
with anger. That morning, breakfast is held outside, because Poussey’s body is
still in the cafeteria. While everyone is dealing with what happened the night
before, people come up to Poussey’s friends, and say their condolences. Sadly,
people like Janae, don’t accept what they have to offer because she knows
they’re being fake. They never cared about Poussey and some of them didn’t even
know her. Afterwards, Taystee goes to work, to try to help Caputo do the best
thing for Poussey and try to get more insight into what is happening. She asks
Caputo if he’s called her father yet, and he hesitates. Just knowing his
answer, makes her upset because Poussey’s father has the right to know what
happened to his daughter. Back outside, the ambulance finally arrives to pick
up Poussey’s body, and while everyone is watching, Sankey makes a rude comment
about how an ambulance wasn’t necessary. This sets Janae off, who overheard the
comment, and instantly punches Sankey in the face. Later that day, after Caputo
makes his statement, Taystee overhears the verdict and goes crazy through the
prison. She tells everyone about how Bayley didn’t get a harsher punishment,
and that sets off a riot. The inmates start storming through the hallways, and
they find themselves facing Humps and the woman guard. Humps tries to use his
gun on the girls, but it gets knocked out of his hands. We then see that Daya
picks it up. Out of nowhere, we see this new side to Daya. She points the gun
at Humps, but we don’t ever see if she fires the gun or not. In my opinion, I
don’t think she’ll kill Humps. If she’s smart enough, she’ll realize that if
she kills a guard, that’ll add more years to her sentence or keep her in prison
for life.


We see the many different
ways how people are grieving Poussey’s loss. Coates starts getting extremely
emotional about the whole situation and talks to Pennsatucky about it. He
reveals that he’s going to quit his job, but Pennsatucky shares that if he
leaves, she’s going to miss him. They end up kissing, but out of respect,
Coates decides to stop, because he doesn’t want to hurt her again. They
eventually part ways, and mull over their situation. In the garden, Red reads a
book Poussey suggested for her, to her girls and tells them that she wants to
start the garden again. To keep them busy, she has groups do specific tasks.
Nicky and Lorna team up together and without hesitation, Nicky tries to hookup
with Lorna once again. And like a broken record, Lorna tells Nicky that she’s
married and is now going to have a baby with Vincent. The two start fighting
about their situation and Lorna finally comes clean and says that her world is
crumbling to pieces. She scared that Vincent is going to leave her and she
doesn’t know what to do about it. Thank god, she finally revealed her feelings,
and didn’t go into a downward spiral of delusions. By the garden, Alex and
Piper team up and try to find a way into the greenhouse. While Piper’s back is
to Alex, we see that Alex slips a piece of paper into the dirt, where the dead
body was found. Piper catches her in the act, and finds out that Alex has been
hiding information about the dead guard all around the prison. When they return
to their bunks, Piper tells Alex that revealing clues is dangerous, but Alex
feels like it’s the right thing to do. Just like Poussey, she believes that the
guard’s family should know the truth also, and be able to mourn his death. At
Judy’s dorm room, we find out that she’s finally getting out of prison, and as
a positive to that, Yoga Jones wants Judy to call the police or make a
statement about what happened to Poussey. They fight about it, but who knows if
Judy will do anything about it once she leaves Litchfield. And then there’s
poor Soso and Crazy Eyes. Soso is obviously distraught about losing her
girlfriend, and deals with it in a true, depressed fashion. She gets drunk
outside to get rid of the pain. On the flip side, Crazy Eyes is trying to
create pain, by trying to feel what Poussey felt before she died. She tries to
gather up as many books as possible, and puts them on her body, in order to
feel the sensation of not being able to breathe. Things get out of hand, when
she accidently, or maybe intentially knocks one of the bookshelf in the
library, on top of herself. Worlds colliding, Soso hears the loud bang, and
finds Crazy Eyes under the bookshelf, bloody and hurt. Soso gets help, and
Crazy Eyes gets sent to medical. Funnily enough, when she gets situated, she
sees that she’s right next to Maureen. We finally see the damage done to her,
and it looks severe.