Source: CW // Jane The Virgin

Several wonderful things happened in this episode that make me very excited about what’s to come, but there were a few developments that have me very nervous for Jane the Virgin’s return on January 25th (so far away!!)

Things I’m excited about:

-Rogelio found a script he liked, and it just so happened to be his intern’s. Also it sounds just far out enough to be a popular telenovela. Hopefully soon he can get back to his charmed De La Vega life.

-Abuela got her green card! What a touching moment.

-Rafael and Jane made up–sort of. Jane was able to step out of her own perspective and understand why Rafael turned Michael in. Sin Rostro isn’t just a threat to Mateo, she also killed Rafael’s father. Her feelings for Michael blinded her of that.

-Petra and Rafael were able to make a connection. And Petra got some stuff off her chest.

Things I’m nervous/not too jazzed about:

-The winds are shifting very strongly back towards Michael. Even though Jane was able to forgive Rafael, her heart still belongs to Michael. And fixing the angel tree topper only helped him.  To be honest, I ship Rogelio and Michael more than Jane and Michael. I’m sorry I can’t help it, Rafael is so dreamy.

-Petra and Rafael??? Could this maybe be happening?? I don’t know.

-oh wait how could it because PETRA JUST GOT ARRESTED. Yep, effing Magda turned her own daughter in for a crime that she (Magda) committed! There is a special place in hell for that woman. Hopefully now Rafael is on the case, like he doesn’t already have enough to deal with! And he donates to a domestic abuse shelter for women!! SWOON.

Damn. How does so much happen every single week?!? Also, did anyone else notice how on point the cute little graphics were this week?

What are we going to do without this show for over a month??