It’s wintertime in Letterkenny. Tanis is no longer pregnant. Dan who put and “s” on a lot of words that don’t need it, gets upset when Wayne and Daryl do it. Katy finally come home and in tow are two guys, Shep and Kingsley. Wayne, Daryl and Squirrelly Dan are bothered by their lack of shirts under their coats. Wayne, Daryl and Dan build an ice shack for fishing. Someone vandalizes it. Jonesy and Reilly are finally the rock stars of the senior hockey team. Devon is gone. Angie, Wayne’s ex, has the hockey team at each other’s throats.

Well Squirrelly Dan, Wayne and Dary have their version of an argument over farts. Reilly and Jonesy are trying to get the guys on the hockey team to drop Angie the puck bunny. They went to go talk to her and couldn’t do it because she speaks “puck bunny” and they can’t stand it. So they go to Katy. At first Katy doesn’t want any part of it, that is until she finds out it’s Angie. Then she is more than happy to help. So glad I am not in Angie’s shoes. The guys solved the D-gen problem with their shack. A clown starts to mess with the Skids.

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Thankfully Shep and Kingsley are going back to the city much to Wayne’s relief. The clown was caught by Stewart and his cohorts, when unmasked Stewart found out the clown is in fact a pretty girl named Gae. Wayne, Dan and Daryl are helping with the opening of Modean’s 2. Oh fuck, Shoresy. I have no words to describe Shorsey except crude. How their coach keeps a straight face or hasn’t had a heart attack yet is beyond me. Stewart offers aid to Gae as she wants to be worse in Letterkenny than she was in her hometown that her parent exiled her from. Modean’s 2 is finally up and running! Letterkenny has a bar again! Everyone is dancing.

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Fishing in Quebec is fun for everyone but Dary. Dary doesn’t like the French because they get all the girls. Jonesy and Reilly are “shreddin’ the red”. It’s a protien liquid diet. They get the whole team to do it. Unfortunately this means they all end up shitting themselves. To help Gae get sent home Stewart has implemented Operation Gae pulled off by Fak-U (Freaks Acting Krazy-United) which is what the Skids call themselves for a brief moment. They are going to steal mail boxes. Wayne, Katy, Dary and Dan are fishing in Quebec and get into a verbal war with their French counterparts. Well Dan and Dary are waging war anyway, Wayne and Katy are just speaking among themselves. As Wayne and them get ready to leave when the D-gens from up country step up to them. Then the French guys from earlier back them up earning everyone’s including Daryl’s respect.

Bonnie McMurray invites Katy and the boys to a hot tub party. Everyone accepts. There is a discussion with Dan that he makes dad noises. Tanis contacts Wayne to tell him the vandalizim isn’t the Natives and asks for help. Unfortunately Wayne says that they are having problems with D-gens from up country and Tanis says she will deal with it herself. Somehow Reilly and Jonesy are bush inspectors and it just gets weird as does the hot tub party where Dan and Daryl are farting for their lives trying to get Bonnie’s attention which is completely backfiring. Tanis and her boys go to confront the Skids and end up getting ran off. Rosie helps Wayne make dad noises.

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Gail’s cousin Bradley is coming to town. Wayne, Dan, Daryl and Katy are extremely excited. Gae leaves and all the Skids are in hysterics. Bradley give the boys the night off and gets them really, really, really, really drunk. Which was a really, really, really, really bad idea. Bradley ends up knocking out Daryl which has Wayne’s fists up. Katy drops a bomb on Jonesy and Reilly as they are celebrating the team coming together in a fight on the ice.

It’s Halloween in Letterkenny. The group talks about Squirrelly Dan’s cousin Samuel and how he is not welcome to get a full size candy bar from Wayne. Daryl isn’t happy that Wayne gives out full size candy bars because he doesn’t. Gail is convinced that Uncle Eddie is haunting Modean’s 2. Wayne, Katy, Daryl, Squirrelly Dan and Gail start questioning the different groups. First the Hockey Player, then the Natives, the Skids and Glen. Stewart, Roald and Glen are going to exorcise Uncle Eddie. Something goes awry. Next were the McMurray’s. Bonnie McMurray comes out of the Modean’s kitchen a number of times with different skimpy outfits on to go various places. Wayne finally admits to the “haunting”.

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Greatest lines from Season 3

How are we gonna fuck this pig?

There’s such a thing as too much butt talk, and a fella ought to be fuckin’ aware of it.

See, like, not all dad noises are bad dad noises. So, like maybe sometimes Mom might say, “Hey, hon, the kids are gone away campin’ for the weekend, why don’t we do some toe curlin’?”, and then Dad might lean into a real Tony the Tiger dad noise. Like… (GROWLING) “Great!”

Is it true about sperms and hot tubs? No. But the writers of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles could have kinda run with that if they wanted to.