Black rain is coming, oh crap it is here! Run! Photo Credit: The 100/CW

Octavia is fleeing to destination unknown. The person who destroyed the arc at Arcadia is following her. Octavia was unsure why he was doing that and didn’t want him to, when the acid rain started to come down and she told him to get on the horse as they took off. They end up hiding out in a cave, took off the acid clothes and stayed by the fire to warm up. Octavia seems entranced and doesn’t want to talk to him. She thinks that it is over and he tells her that she saved him, that the person she once was is still inside her. She doesn’t agree and tries to run out of the cave into the acid. He stops her and ends up on top of her, she ends up kissing him. He gets up taken aback, but she comes on the attack and he can’t say no very long as they do the boom boom………I didn’t see that coming.

At Arcadia when the acid rain starts everyone is rushing inside. One guy gets trampled over sadly, he didn’t survive after some time in medical bay. Everyone locks themselves inside as the only choice is to wait for the storm to pass. Bellamy gets all suited up in a suit that he thought would protect against the acid as he would go and search for his sister. He went outside and it didn’t give him any protection so he ran and hid inside the rover. Bellamy and the Chancellor talk on a com and Bellamy says the suit did no good and he needs to hide out in the rover. They both hear a distress call from Mark and Peter who are stuck somewhere and Bellamy decides he can’t save his sister because he doesn’t know where she is but he knows where Mark and Peter are and can go save him. He takes off in the rover to Mark and Peter, until he gets the rover stuck in the mud. He has to make a tough morale choice, which ends up not a choice at all, if he goes outside to try to winch himself out he will also die, he has to realize that to save himself he has to let Mark and Peter die.

Clarke makes it to the research center, she catches up with her mom and her assistant. Raven is resting from her seizure and Clarke gets a look at Raven’s brain and her mom says that Raven can likely improve with rest and no stress so they have to make sure Raven doesn’t get any stress. To make sure that they can find a cure ahead of time, they know that Luna’s night blood has to be tested on a subject to see if it works. With no guarantee that it would work someone might die and how do you decide who could be sacrificed?

Clarke goes to the house to get cleaned up and take a rest. Clarke meets up with John, who is cooking up a storm and is shockingly a great cook. Amari tells Clarke where her room is and when Clarke leaves Amari starts packing up items and saying they have to go as she overheard they need to test someone and Amari is certain it will be her.

Clarke hears a noise and checks the other room to find a broken window, she knows that someone has broken into the house. John checks on Clarke and wonders why she has a gun until she points out the window. They search the house until they arrive in the kitchen and finding that the attacker was trying to kill Amori. With all three of them they were able to subdue and keep hostage the intruder. We see back at the lab that they kept the intruder, who seems to know Amari from history, to be the unwilling night blood test subject.

Back on the road at the cave, the Arcadia attacker started making his trip back home on foot. Octavia ends up following him and offers to give him a ride on horse back to his home. Is it just a delivery, or will she now join him and his clan? Questions still arise with the story arc of Octavia.