The Walking Dead started it’s life without Carl Grimes. In addition to that the show switched things up a bit, in a way I actually seemed to like, they focused on certain members of the show, they told you which one it was and ran with things pertaining to them in a continuous segment. So with that I will be doing the same.


We start with Michonne, immediately after laying Carl to rest. Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC


Picking up where last weeks episode left off, Rick is saying his internal last goodbyes to Carl. In the meantime Michonne is fending off walkers, she notices them milling about the town and sees the gate is still open so she rushes to close it. The two go back to their house to gather up as many supplies as possible, Michonne notices the hand prints of Carl and Judith on the porch and is very shook up about it. You can see she is understandably very emotional. With walkers closing in on all sides Michonne tells Rick they have to go, as they go to the van to leave she notices a gazebo up in flames, she mentions that her and Carl used to sit on the roof all the time and talk, and it holds sentimental value. She gets a fire extinguisher and rushes to try to put it out despite the pleas from Rick, he has no choice but to grab an extinguisher and follow in pursuit. They are unable to put the fire out before getting surrounded and are forced to retreat and leave Alexandria. Is this the last time we see someone in Alexandria, or is this just a see you later to Alexandria? Time will tell.

While heading to the Hilltop Rick asks Michonne hypothetically what Carl meant by not fighting the Saviors, Michonne says they can pull over and find out by reading the letters Carl wrote. Michonne sees that Carl also wrote a letter to Negan, which obviously pisses off Rick, Rick said that they have to go talk to Jadis, they have the people and the firepower to fight back and they need them, their people joined Rick when he went to the Sanctuary and their people will be a target. While getting inside the trash compound it is booby trapped and garbage covers up the entrance as Rick and Michonne sees walkers everywhere.


Negan is impressed that Carl was able to find a way to play him and save everyone from Alexandria. He says Carl is built for this world and in a weird Negan way happy that Carl got one up on him. Simon joins Negan and wants to know what he is supposed to do. If he isn’t running down Rick and company he isn’t sure what he is here for. Negan says he has to go see the garbage people. Simon thinks it’s worth the ammo to wipe them all out. Negan, wisely reminds Simon that they are still a resource even if they are triple crossed them, people are still the most important resource. Simon counters that these people never learn a lesson, that this plate should be wiped clean and they should venture out farther to find more communities to save. Negan wants standard message, kill one and the rest will fall in line.

A few of the soldiers bring in a crate from Maggie and the Hilltop. It says we have 38 more stand down, they also tell Negan they charged something up for him to deal with it. Simon helps open the crate as Negan uses the nail gun to put the walker down. Simon recognizes the man as Dean, someone from the satellite outpost and that he is going to go kill all those farmers. Negan raises his voice and says he will not, he will do his job, Simon has a hard time swallowing that pill.


Enid and Aaron try to convince Oceanside to stop hiding and join the fight. Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC


At Oceanside, Aaron and Enid are prisoners after killing the leader, Cindy is the one who gets to make the decision since they killed her grandmother, one of the youngest members says to kill them, reminds me of young Carl. Aaron tells Enid they will get out, she says it’s not that, it’s that the leader made Enid kill her. Cindy comes back and says to take them to the beach, Enid says you need a good reason to kill them. Killing is the punishment, if you kill them, others will come, and you might take that group out too, but their will be a time where their group will bring back more people and totally destroy this camp. Your grandma got herself killed, don’t make the same mistake she did. Let them go, they will go and continue to fight as you continue to hide.

Cindy says they can live, on the way out Aaron asks if they even want to know if they win, she says yes, he asks if they help with the cause. Cindy says not killing them is their contribution to the cause, they gave all they could already. Cindy tells them to not come back, Enid gets in her face and says don’t try to kill strangers. They know the difference between friends and enemies and they should too.

Aaron asks Enid if she knows her way to the car, he is going to stay to convince them, he is sure he can do it as some were wavering before. Enid makes him promise she will see him again, and Aaron makes Enid promise she will be OK, and to go and tell Maggie what he is doing and to not come. Enid leaves and Aaron just crouches behind a tree………I know Aaron was part of the recruit team, and capable on his own but he just seems very under prepared.


Simon is all pissed off and not doing what he wants at all. Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC


Shortly after Simon and Negan meet, Simon goes to get his men, one asks if they are heading to the Hilltop. Simon says they will be sitting on their dicks a bit longer, but not to fear they are heading to the garbage people and everything is great. At the landfill Simon demands and apology from Jadis for the Rick double cross. Jadis said it wasn’t a double cross they brought Rick to them, Simon doesn’t believe that for a second.

Simon says it is their lucky day, Negan says all is forgiven and the deal reverts back to standard after taking their guns. Jadis agrees, after Simon says that he doesn’t think he got the full definition of an apology, restitution yes, a vague acknowledgement yes, but no remorse. Jadis says their is remorse, Simon doesn’t believe it and shoots her top man in the chest. Jadis says again their is remorse, and he shoots her number two. Jadis punches Simon in the face and says their is remorse you son of a bitch. Simon says oh no no no and has the Saviors light them up. Back at the Sanctuary Simon plays it off as standard message and delivery, that their was remorse. Negan is interrupted that he has Rick Grimes on the radio for him. Simon notices he has all sorts of blue paint on his shoe.


Jadis survived the attack from the Saviors. How will she cope going forward? Photo Credit: Gene Page/ AMC


Jadis hides out on a tall group of garbage as her people are all walkers. She is in a night gown, she doesn’t use her weird language of talk. She mentioned she used to go there a lot looking for canvases for painting. Once the world collapsed she realized that the people were the paint to reshape the world. Rick asks how they get out, and she says the same way they got in, Rick uses a car door and angles some of the metal as a prod, and says he is going to make a run for it, Jadis asks to come with them, or at least until the walkers leave. Rick says that this is all because of her and that Jadis can’t help them. Rick and Michonne make a run for it, using the doors as shields, Rick uses his gun at some point, Michonne her sword. They get close enough to run to the pile up and clear some space, Jadis was following but Rick shoots a shot above her head to get her to back up. The walkers are closing in and Jadis has to retreat.

Shortly after we see Jadis in a seat making noise leading the walkers to her. She is over a large compactor, when the walkers get close enough she unhooks a latch and they fall inside, getting ground up like hamburger. She just sits and watches, when her leaders come she gets visibly upset and then gets some flashbacks of the shooting. Jadis instantly rockets up the walker kill list with all of the walkers she destroyed with this move, the walker hamburger was pretty gnarly. Jadis ends up with a strong look in her eye after crying. Some have speculated she will end up the leader of the next assumed big bad group, that has been debunked already. But she had a stash of food and appears she will be OK, but I am not sure what is next for her, the Saviors destroyed her people, and Rick kicked her to the curb.


We conclude with Rick, he tells Michonne he just shot over Jadis head, he knows she made it, he just wanted her gone. He says he needs some time to himself and pulls over with the letters. He reads the letter to Negan and gets Negan on the radio. Rick tells Negan that Carl is dead, that he wrote him a letter, he tells Negan he asks him to stop, he also asked Rick to stop, to work for peace. Rick though is so blinded he says it’s to late for that now, even if it was possible he is going to kill him. Negan is shook up about Carl dying, not what Rick is saying. Negan wants to know if it was grenades or a fire, Rick says it wasn’t him, he went out to help someone and he got bit.

Negan is sorry, he wanted Carl to be apart of things that he had planned. Carl was the future, Rick says the only future is when Negan is dead. Negan wonders what in the world Rick is doing. This death is on Rick, because he wouldn’t leave things well enough alone. In this case Rick is dead because he wasn’t at home to stop Carl from doing something stupid. Negan says that he is next, Rick, still pissed off and not thinking, says no you are.

Negan says maybe now he will see it, he saves people, don’t let anymore of your shit decisions cost people their lives. Negan says he feels it, he will be feeling it for awhile, he might have just let him save everyone now. Negan says he has failed as a leader, and more so he failed as a father. He should give up because he has already lost. I have to give it to Negan, even though he got shook, he used this opportunity to hand it to Rick.

So is this the beginning of the end, if so for which side?