So Wayne is looking for love. He has gone on a few dates. In a weird turn of events Stewart came and picked up Katy. Right after Stewart and Katy left Jonesy and Reilly come up the lane to pick up Katy. Oops. Reilly and Jonesy are sad because they aren’t making a victory lap and when they go into the locker room they are so out of their element. The skids are not happy with Stewart’s relationship with Katy. The other hockey player DO NOT like Jonesy and Reilly So much so that they played a game of Duck Duck Goose just to fart in their face.

Wayne got the presidency of the AG Hall. Now Daryl and Dan want Wayne to do charitable acts that are seen. Now the AG Hall presidency is up for election between McMurray and Wayne. Devon is commissioned to make a video for McMurray. I can see this going very very bad. Stewart keeps trying to get Wayne to do a sladerous video of McMurray since Devon’s video got over 1,000 votes. Stewart ended up making a video anyway and it costs him the presidency. Wayne has no problem losing though. Reilly and Jonsey are still having a problems with their new senior team.

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Wayne is still looking for love. For his birthday Katy, Daryl and Dan got Wayne a visit with a matchmaker. With Modean’s burnt down, Wayne can’t pick up girls there and he won’t do online dating so this is efficiant. The first date is definitely weird. The second one wasn’t much better. Stewart is still trying to not communicate with Katy to let know her know he is upset with her. When Katy doesn’t follow the trail Stewart thinks he left for her, Stewart pushes the issue and is told his time in the house is up. The last date was Angie his ex and he got some. Stewart retakes his rightful place as head of the Skids.

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Well the Hockey players have an away game with the Natives. Jonesy and Reilly are scared because Tanis and her crew will be waiting for them in the parking lot. Jonesy and Reilly ask the Hicks for backup. Wayne says yes. Wayne, Joint Boy, Daryl and Squirrelly Dan make it to the game as Tanis and the Natives start in on Reilly and Jonesy. Tanis requests that ban on Letterkenny be lifted and Wayne says no until Tanis presents two three-legged dogs. However, Reilly and Jonesy get their butts handed to them on the rink. Well if we wondered if Wayne ALWAYS wore his clothes. His does.

Wayne and Katy’s uncle died and left them 5k. The uncle wants them to put the money back into the community. The Skids pitch a TV show that is supposed to help people out of a dark place. They were told no. Joint Boy and Tyson and they Hockey Boys want a house with a gym and pool so boys can learn how to fight and live there. No go. Gail is next she wants to do a Bachelor-esque show for Wayne. Not happening. The McMurray’s and Jim Dickins are wanting to to do storage wars stuff. It’s a no for Wayne and Katy. Glen and his boys are wanting the money to go to L.A. to get on America’s Got Talent. Hard pass on this too. Daryl and Dan want to do a Duck Dynasty type thing. They ended up having a party.

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Reilly And Jonesy are no longer playing Hockey. Still trying to get Stormy bred. Stormy keeps trying to kill all her studs. Glen is the worse guidance counselor ever. Stewart is sad and missing Katy. Jonesy and Reilly decide that they want Katy back and they are going to go through Wayne to get her. Stewart, Devon and Roald go to fight Wayne also to “reclaim the Lady Katy”.Katy is leaving. Angie wants Wayne back. Rosie has caught Wayne’s attention and Tanis is pregnant.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and Seth picks up Wayne, Katy, Daryl and Dan to go get drunk. He also drops them off. The St. Patrick’s Day Party is happening at the AG Hall. Daryl doesn’t remember the party. Katy tell him he is Legen-Dary. Katy, Wayne and Dan recount the party for Daryl. Apparently Legen-Dary saved the day by kicking Sammy Sammich’s butt. Daryl apparently beat up Sammy Sammich a second time as he was about to rush Katy and Legen-Dary stopped him.Throughout the night McMurray has been upset because of the city D-gens. McMurray finally gets Wayne to help him clean up the party and So McMurray, Wayne, Jonesy, Reilly and Legen-Dary get it done. Legen-Dary wipes the floor with Sammy Sammich again and they share a drink after. Katy had the other McMurray.

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