The two combined episodes to finish out the Green Day and Oasis fight are a mixed bag. On the one had there are some incredible highs mixed in with some really disappointing moments.

GE_hitting_CioccolataBy and large the majority of these let downs come in Part 2. Here Giorno and Mista ascend up to the helicopter captured by Giorno’s tree. Mista first attempts to find Cioccolata within the helicopter but his Sex Pistols are captured and taken out and he is severely wounded leaving only Giorno left in the fight. Giorno ascends the tree he had created to trap the helicopter and begins to look for Cioccolata. He is quickly attacked by the various parts of Cioccolata’s body that the mad doctor had removed from himself with his stand while still maintaining control of them. This is accompanied by some fairly gruesome images, even by JoJo standards, of Cioccolata in pieces.


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There is a back and forth between them with Cioccolata attempting to throw Giorno off of the helicopter so that Giorno would be effected by Green Day.  Eventually Cioccolata gets Giorno to fall at which point Giorno manages to bounce a stick, that turns back into a bullet, off the helicopter’s blades and through Cioccolata’s head. Both Cioccolata and Giorno fall to the building roof the helicopter was stuck too. Giorno starts to slowly advance on a seemingly dead Cioccolata when Cioccolata wakes up, his arm cut off again to take Mista hostage. Giorno though turns the bullet back into a living thing, busting it out of Cioccolata’s head and beats him down and kills him.


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The beat down, known from the manga as “the seven page muda” was fantastic to see animated. However Giorno pulls way to much out of thin air in this episode, from the absurd bouncing a bullet off the propellers to changing it back into a beetle it all feels incredible forced. Cioccolata’s ability to maintain control of his body while it is chopped up is also outside what had been set up and not explained, likewise it is not explained how he captured and disposed of Mista’s Sex Pistols.


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Part 3 does not suffer as much as Part 2 does. Bruno and Secco face off and their stands are both similar in ability for both to play off each other perfectly. In part the whole development becomes Secco exploring his own stand in order to get around Bruno’s as all of Bruno’s development has been accomplished previously. This includes Secco, swimming in the ground, figuring how to not be tricked by Bruno making false noises and them by pelting the whole area with attacks to force Bruno to move. Finally though Bruno manages to outsmart Secco, as Secco pulls too much underground and Bruno pops a tire, blowing out Secco’s ears and removing his ability to find Bruno.


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There is one final ploy by Secco, taking a child hostage, to try and stop Bruno but still Bruno takes him out and Secco ends in the same garbage truck as Cioccolata. The differences between the manga and the anime are also almost non-existent and it doesn’t suffer from the same nonsense Giorno is accompanied by. While Part 3 does not have “the seven page muda” it does have something I found even more exciting. Part 2 teased at the end who the hacker or mysterious ally is and Part 3 fully revealed Jean Pierre Polnareff as this figure.