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Episode synopsis:

“With a new ally on his Team, Oliver engages Diaz in an epic final battle.” – The CW

The Green Arrow and team stroll right into SCPD. Of course, a fight ensues but it’s not much of a fit for Diaz’s crew when the FBI along with Watson show up. There’s no sign of Diaz.

Remember the end of last episode, Oliver made an immunity deal with the FBI. The FBI views Diaz as a greater danger. We still have no idea what Oliver gave her for the immunity other than admitting he is the Green Arrow.

Diaz is 100% onto Anatoly yet for some reason continues to tell him his plans. With his army gone, Diaz is getting help from the Longbow Hunters, elite assassins thought to be a myth. If you’re a comic reader you’ll recognize it as the classic Green Arrow arc “The Longbow Hunters” or a team led by Diaz in the new 52 Green Arrow arc “The Outsiders War.”

Now using SCPD as their command base, Team Arrow and the FBI plan their next move. Oliver finally reconciles with Dig even offering him a spare Green Arrow suit, there can be two. Dig turns it down the Green Arrow is special, of there were two it wouldn’t be special anymore. The boys are back they seal it with a handshake.

Anatoly turns himself, guessing he got the vibe that Diaz was on to him. He is more than happy to cooperate and hands over the address where Diaz is supposed to meet the Longbow Hunters. Oliver has heard of the Longbow Hunters, there’s only three of them, the last time one died was in the 50’s and the League was even afraid of them.

Watson not only needs Oliver’s cooperation but the Mayor’s too. Lance needs to sign over municipal authority to the FBI to take down Diaz. Literally right after signing Diaz calls Lance on Laurel’s phone. Laurel will die if Lance doesn’t get rid of the FBI. Lance thinking the FBI is about to take him down simply tells him to go to hell.

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Team Arrow and the FBI make their move, there won’t be any warning shots. Wild Dog leads the FBI in and it’s a trap. The building is rigged to explode via laser grip wires. Felicity is going to try and disarm it meanwhile Rene calls his daughter to tell her he loves her. Diaz calls Anatoly revealing the set-up, threatens him and arms the bomb. Luckily everyone gets a chance to escape.

Ollie now reconciles with Rene, he seems to really want the team back together, not going to hear me complain about it. Lance now seeing the plan gone to hell tells the FBI and Oliver about Laurel. Watson’s happy with that, they can still get Diaz. Lance just needs to ask for proof of life and that’ll bring them Diaz. Lance gives some push back but when Diaz calls him he sets it up.

Quentin and Oliver share a moment. Lance asks Oliver how he beat the lie detector all the way back in season 1. Oliver obliges and tells Lance not to worry about Laurel, he’ll take care of it. Lance just isn’t sure his heart can handle it, he’s had a pacemaker since his run in with Mirakuru, who knew he had a pacemaker.

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The deal goes south when there is no Laurel. To ensure her safety Lance snitches on the FBI tracking his location. Diaz takes him to her. Quentin had a little something in his pocket. That pacemaker we just found out about, Felicity can track it. The FBI isn’t concerned with Laurel just Diaz. Oliver while reconciling with Dinah makes sure that her feelings about Laurel aren’t going to affect the mission, capture Diaz and rescue the Lances.

Felicity notices Ollie’s been apologizing to everyone. Why? Did Watson make Ollie give the hood up? We don’t get an answer, it’s go time.

Diaz wants Lance to make an announcement kicking out the FBI, if he doesn’t he’ll kill Laurel. The Lances don’t negotiate and Diaz takes the shot. Quentin dives in front of it. Apparently, Diaz knew Quentin would take the bullet and strategically shot him somewhere it would take hours to bleed out, sounds like dumb like to me. Kick the FBI out or bleed out is Diaz’s ultimatum. Luckily for the Lances Team Arrow and the FBI arrive in the nick of time. Diaz’s books it.

Dinah and Laurel put beside their differences and rescue Quentin together. Oliver chases Diaz to the roof. It’s the Arrow vs. the Dragon for rooftop showdown. They fight each other to a standstill. Diaz tells Oliver the only way to win is to kill him. Oliver won’t do it, Laurel out of nowhere canary screams Diaz off the roof into the water. A bad move in my opinion because he is so not dead. Ollie’s not happy.

Like you’d expect no body was found but it’s not a complete loss. During the fight Oliver was able to copy the data on his special USB from last episode.

Quentin is heading into surgery and he doesn’t look so good. Lance is talking to Rene and makes a special request, if the surgery doesn’t go as planned Lance doesn’t want Rene to call him hoss at the funeral. Next up is Oliver. Lance tells him he did good today. Ollie tells him he is a good father, Lance tells him the same. Ollie says he had a good example, Quentin. My heart. And with that they take Quentin into surgery.

Sara meets Laurel for the first time. It’s super awkward but Laurel thought she should be there. Everybody’s getting antsy waiting. Watson interrupts telling Oliver it’s time. Oliver didn’t give up being the Green Arrow, he gave up his freedom. As Watson cuffs Oliver, the doctor comes out with some sad news. Lance didn’t make it. Watson’s sorry but that doesn’t change anything and she takes Oliver away. Being dragged away Oliver tells the team to take care of themselves. The team is devastated from the death and Oliver’s arrest.

The transport is late which gives Oliver a chance to formally say goodbye to Felicity and William. Felicity wants to break him out, Ollie says no he is going to a supermax. Could my prediction finally be coming true. There’s tears all around, Oliver only did it to protect everyone.

As Ollie is escorted out reporters stop to question him, he gets an Iron Man moment as he proclaims on television “I am the Green Arrow.” Oliver monologues about everybody needing to step up to “save the city” while he is gone. During the monologue we the dirty officials rounded up and Diaz still at large.

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Wow, it’s been a wild season. It had its ups and downs, a great start, a meh middle and a great finish. Honestly, I’m real upset with the loss of Quentin, he has consistently been one of the best characters. It’s been real Paul Blackthorne. I’m sad but I’m also so excited for next season, I want to see Oliver escape from prison and I can’t wait to see the Longbow Hunters. Well, that’s it see you next season!