The Dark Lord Is Free

Nick’s actions have made everything go from bad to worse because he destroyed his relationship with Sabrina and freed the Dark Lord. To add pressure to the current conflicts involving Sabrina and her coven, the Pagans also ordered that the witches leave Greendale or they will make them. The Academy is already cursed, but with the Dark Lord being free made them even more vulnerable to the pagans. Even though the coven traded on him, I thought that the Dark Lord would wait to seek his revenge after he would take down the Pagans. I wasn’t expecting him to lead his coven to their death. I think his actions were a reflection of Blackwood’s ideas to redesign a coven with different traditions and beliefs. We still don’t know the whereabouts of the twins, they may be the beginning of the church reform.

The Second Challenge Of The Unholy Begala

Unfortunately for Sabrina, she can’t choose when and when not to be the queen of hell. She acts as if it’s not a big deal, but it is when a gorgeous prince made of clay is after her crown. Lilith pressured Sabrina to return to hell for the second challenge which didn’t interest her at the time because there was so much going on in the earth realm. It was hard enough for her to hide her life as a witch from her friends, but now she is biting off way more than she can chew. During the last challenge, Sabrina did the hard work and Calaban stole the win. This time, Sabrina made sure she got the upper hand. Sabrina implied that Calaban had no dignity and he proved that he did by taking lashes for her as well as saving her from the wrath of a ruler. In return, she left him in the other realm while she returned to hell to turn in the artifact. During this scene, noticed that Calaban actually has a soft spot for Sabrina, but she might have killed it when she abandoned him.

The Residue Inside

Plenty of times Nick mentioned an awkward feeling inside since they extracted the Dark Lord out of him, but it was unclear what that feeling was until Ambrose discovered that the Dark Lord’s residue was still inside of him. All of the drinking, doing drugs, and praying with sex demons was his way of coping with the feelings happening inside of his body. Ambrose cured him by lowering the essences out of his body and capturing it in a jar. Though Nick did and said a lot of things out of anger he still didn’t want to be with Sabrina. Sabrina seemed to understand what he went through, but she will never be able to fully understand. Even if it’s over, Nick will never be the same again. I don’t believe Nick doesn’t want to be with her because he feels like it’s her fault, but because he feels like the coven needs her more. Sabrina is the reason why her coven is falling apart and nick was her main focus while the chaos was unfolding. I hoped that Nick would be fully delivered from suffering and he did.

The Summoning

Sabrina’s back was against the wall when the other efforts to strengthen the coven have failed. The Dark Lord basically sent members of the coven to the Pagans as a suicide mission. One was freed to alert the coven of the Pagan’s plans to kill all of the witches for their blood. Their last hope was to summon other witches to aid them in their battle against them. This plan backfired when Agatha interrupted the message thanks to the Dark Lord. Everything went from bad to worse when the witches showed up angry for being summoned. After they arrived, the episode ended leaving me in a whirlwind of curiosity and questions. I don’t think this is the end of the Academy. Eventually, Ambrose will have to use the essence of the Dark Lord since he doesn’t plan on saving them himself. If it’s enough to save them, it may also be enough to fight against the pagans.

Rating: 3/5

This may be the weakest I’ve ever seen Sabrina spiritually and mentally. Without powers, she is still a badass, but she has become less flexible with her responsibilities which were one of the main reasons why I liked her in the first place. As Nobel, as she is I didn’t care for the way she abandoned Calaban, but she got a taste of her own medicine when Nick abandoned her. He didn’t lend a hand in the fight or offer to find solutions to their very big problem. I also didn’t care for the way the Dark Lord manipulates Harvey into vandalizing the carnival. Harvey is brave, but he isn’t a bonehead. It was annoying to watch Robin lie about who he is and his ties to the carnies, especially seeing Ros covered in stone. Deep down inside, I do believe that Robbin is a good kid, but he’s corrupt. Theo will overlook his past because of the things he has seen being apart of Sabrina’s life. If he turns on his family it can be deadly for him and Theo, but he is all they have to fix Ros.

I was very disgusted by the curse that was placed on Hilda because she developed into an insect. Watching her attempt to pop that huge bump was just……..ew. If she almost attempted to eat her fiance maybe she would be hungry for some Pagan, they smell of popcorn and cotton candy that should be appetizing enough. Hilda might end up being the secret weapon they longed for. Another theory I have is if Sabrina recruits Prince Calaban for help, which might not be the best theory since she ghosted him in a forsaken land imprisoned. She may not ever have his trust again, but I do see a future love interest.

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