It’s all over, it’s sad, I’m sad, you’re likely sad. I’m sad for a number of reasons, the show has been absolutely amazing, I’m upset that I can’t speculate ideas, rumors and theories with my friends and eventually see how it all plays out on TV. I’m sad for how season 7 and 8 played out and that they had opportunities to have full seasons and more seasons and declined. I’m also saddened how poorly they ended the walkers and Night King, along with some other characters in the show. Like today I just heard that Jorah Mormont was supposed to live and head up north to the wall with Jon Snow, for all that poor guy went through I think he deserved to live.

As people tell you, don’t be sad that it ended, be happy that it happened. It sounds good in theory but it doesn’t always fit, overall I feel like this for the last episode and how they closed it all together, pretty cheesy. At this point I’m sure we all have seen it, and know the repeated head scratching moments.

GIF made by Mia for The Game of Nerds via Game of Thrones on HBO

Like Drogon thinking the iron throne killed Daenerys.

How at the council nobody mentioned that Jon Snow had the rightful claim to the throne, or how someone on trial for treason, Tyrion, was allowed to suddenly decide how the entire realm was going to be run. Obviously the whole Bran as king thing was weird and also felt rushed and underwhelmed, and the small council seemed like a b rated comedy, not even putting into account that Bran sees all and doesn’t need them.

But lets take a look at who came up looking good as the series ended.

Bran Stark obviously the new king. Not much to go into here.
Sansa Stark, queen of the north, much the same not much to go into here.
Tormund and Ghost, they get to go to the wall when the weather is to bad, they can go back north when they want with all the Wildlings and now Jon Snow is joining them. Nothing like best friends forever.

Bronn! Oh can you believe how much Bronn came up aces? He might have been the biggest winner of the show, he ended up the master of coin of the whole entire realm. Who would have seen that actually coming. Well done Bronn.

Samwell and an extension Gilly, Samwell ends up serving on the small counsel after being sent to the wall on the nights watch, to build his way up to that point is amazing. Can’t forget Gilly, she was basically a prisoner beyond the wall, and ends up with a child and married to a honorable man who serves on the small counsel.

Davos, started out as a smuggler, kept surviving wars and he can’t fight, ends up as the Master of Ships. He has done well for himself, his wife might be a winner as well. If nothing else she has to know now that her husband still lives and has a great job now. If they are no longer together, because you know he hasn’t been home in 4 years perhaps she gets herself a nice payoff.

It took quite a journey, but I think the big winner in this all is Drogon. Drogon doesn’t have anyone riding him and controlling what he does anymore. This big dragon gets to go roam free and do whatever he wants. I’m very curious what Drogon is doing with his new life, where is he going, is he able to produce new dragon eggs?

Sadly, HBO has already shot down the thought of a Arya Stark spin-off traveling west of Westeros where the maps stop, though everyone would have watched that.

Now we wait for some of the prequel shows, one is rumored to be about the children of the forest, the other one I haven’t exactly figured out the premise.