Source: San Diego Comic Con 2016

BBC’s Sherlock co-creator Steven Moffat & his wife, Sherlock producer Sue Vertue, took the stage at San Diego Con Comic to talk about, well, comics. That’s kind of a rare thing at Comic Cons these days. The comics in question are the Sherlock Manga series, which are adaptations of the BBC hit show.

But of course, the talk of comics was short lived and replaced with something much juicier — during the panel Moffat & Vertue revealed that a secret Sherlock project is in the works in London!

This is HUGE news for Sherlock fans after a frankly bizarre & indefensible season 4 (ahem: read my open essay to Moffat & Gatiss). Season 4 was called the final installment of the show by viewers and media alike, and the mixed messages from Moffat and co-creator Mark Gatiss have confused fans. One minute they’re saying season 4 “feels like it’s the end,” and the next they’re saying “we would be really surprised if we didn’t do another season.” All we know for sure is that a new season of Sherlock is a long wait away, and not just our average 2 year wait this time.

Or is it…? Moffat and Vertue confirmed that they are working on a Sherlock project in London, but they gave no further details. This could mean anything from another season to an attraction at a rumored BBC/Paramount theme park coming to London. AND to make things even more confusing, Luke Spillane of BBC Digital Studios & Sherlock Reacts (a YouTube series from the Sherlock account) was filming a Sherlock related project in February, after season 4 had ended.

(I asked him when this project he shot would be released. He said “soon!”. That was in March.)

So we’ve gotten a lot of murky answers from the Sherlock team at BBC, which is appropriate, though highly frustrating. Right now we can only hope that Moffat & Vertue’s secret Sherlock project provides some desperately needed answers to the questions left in season 4. Whatever it is, I AM SO EXCITED!


Source: ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com

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